Takahito Mura scored 74.19 for SP. Landed 4T-2T, obviously his gorgeous 3A with +1.60 GOE, 3L and stuff, total 40.34 TES and 33.85 for PCS. Unfortunately FS was canceled due to typhoon #17.
Kanako got only 54.75 for SP, 3F and both jumps in 3T-3T were UR, PCS almost all below 7. In FS PCS was a little better while TES got again a bunch of UR, total 103.19 for FS. Here in a news clip you can see some moments of her two new progs:
Fedya Hino got 55.13 for SP with two falls, the FS event was canceled due to the typhoon.
Here the results in English:
Here in Japanese with some pics: