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    JGP Croatia 2012 Ladies Preview

    One thing is sure about JGP Croatia: the girl who wins the ladies event will be someone who has never won a JGP event before. Hannah Miller USA and Rika Hongo JPN have both won silver medals at their earlier events this year. If either wins, they will likely make the JGPF. Hannah's score at JGP Austria is about 10 points higher than Rika's at JGP Courchevel, so perhaps Hannah has the edge. If Angela Wang could put together two good skaters, she has a shot too, and as the bronze medallist from Lake Placid, she might make the JGPF as well. And then there is Russia's Anna Pogorilaya whose scores at Russian competitions indicate she might well medal at this, her first ISU competition. Two others to keep an eye for other reasons:

    Mimi Tanasorn Chindasook THA has been studying at Ice Castles under Anthony Liu & Frank Carroll. There is a note on her ISU bio:

    Chindasook received an ISU scholarship. She has moved to the USA for training.
    I didn't know the ISU gave scholarships! There is a grainy little video of her from a show in June, and I'll be interested to see whether Frank & Anthony have done miracles there, and she finishes a bit higher than in the past. It's possible! She looked very good in that show video.

    And this is the first ISU competition for any skater from Cyprus, which only got its ISU accreditation in September. Kristina Dubrovskaya CYP is the first skater in the short program here, symbolizing the new beginnings for her federation.

    Enjoy the show!

    Hannah Miller USA
    SP Tango Tanguera by Sexteto Mayor
    LP The Storm by Balázs Havasi (modern piano & orchestra piece) . Hannah is 15.
    Her coach is Kirsten Miller-Zisholz. Her choreographers are Daniil Barantsev & Tanith Belbin
    Her ISU personal best scoreused to be 146.74 was scored at 2011 Trofeo W. Lombardi, where she finished third.
    Hannah won the silver medal at JGP Austria, with a score of 158.52, her new personal best.
    Hannah's SP from Skate Detroit 2012 (she scored 56.72)
    Her LP from Skate Detroit, which she won with a score of 111.77.. (At Skate Detroit, her total score would be 168.49)

    Her SP at JGP Austria
    Her LP at JGP Austria

    Rika Hongo JPN
    SP Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP Swan Lake by P. I. Tchaikovski
    Her coaches are Hiroshi Nagakubo, Yoriko Naruse, & Miho Kawaume. Her choreographers are Miho Kawaume & Yuko Hongo She is 16.

    Rika won the silver medal at JGP Courchevel with a score of 149.38, which was her JGP debut, and is her personal best.
    She starts in the first group here, which can be a disadvantage.

    Her SP from JGP Courchevel.
    Her LP from JGP Courchevel:

    Angela Wang USA
    SP Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack) by Tan Dun
    LP Ladies in Lavender by Nigel Hess
    Her cuurent coaches are Christy Krall, Damon Allen, & Janet Champion. Her Choreographers are Tom Dickson, Scott Brown. She is 16.
    Angela's personal best in international competition used to be 132.70, which she earned at ISU JGP SBC Cup in 2010. She skated an amazing LP at US Nationals in Seniors last year, which caused her to pull up to 8th overall in seniors.
    Three months ago, Angela was landing 3Lz3T3T
    Angela's LP from US Nationals, where she scored a total of 158.66, and was 6th in the LP, 8th overall.

    Angela won the bronze medal at JGP Lake Placid with a personal best score of 150.40.
    Her SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Her LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Anna Pogorilaya RUS
    There is no information on her ISU biography, but AlexRus has supplied us with the following information about Anna:
    Anna is 14. Her coach is Anna Tzareva (Moscow, SDUSHOR 37).

    Her first national level competition season was2008/09 (Mar 2009) Zhuk-Y, where she earned 2nd place (Radionova was 1st, Shershak 3rd).
    In Season 2011/12 - RusYunNat 13th, RusNat(Elder Age) 3rd. Scores in season 140-145.
    Season 2012/13 - Open Moscow Championship - 2nd place score 152.44 (Junior), her score was 11,06 higher than Zaseeva.
    She has all five triples, and her combos are 3T+3T(SP) 2A+3T+2T(LP). Spins 4 level, StSq 3 level (at most).
    She is a member of Team Russia in the 2012/13 season.

    Photos (many photos prevoious seasons)
    Open Moscow Championship (click on photo to next photo)

    FS sep 2012
    SP feb 2012
    FS feb 2012
    FS apr 2009

    Alaine Marie Chartrand CAN
    Alaine has no ISU bio yet
    She has been coached by Leonid Birinberg; Shane Dennison & Mary Jayne Rashotte
    She won the Eastern Ontario Sectionals, followed by finishing third in Senior Ladies at Challenge with a score of 129.56.
    Her performance at Canadian Nationals, where she finished 9th in Senior Ladies:
    An article about Alaine from the Ottawa Citizen:

    She competed at Lake Placid JGP where she finished seventh with a score of 133.43.
    Her SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Her LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Kristina Zaseeva RUS
    SP Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss
    LP The Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Michel Legrand
    Her coach is Elena Vodorezova. Her choreographers are Tatiana Tarasova & Irina Tagaeva. She is still 15. Her best score was 120.29, earned at last year's Baltic Cup, where she was seventh. She recently finished second at Triglav Trophy.
    She competed at the Russian Junior Championships last season, where she finished eighth and scored 148.73. She had had problems in the long program, but was fifth in the Short program.
    Her free skate from last year's Baltic Cup.
    She finished seventh at JGP Bosphorus, recovering from a bad short program to land a good long program. She scored 126.13, which is now her personal best. (She was fifth in the LP, tenth in the SP at JGP Bosphorus)
    Her SP at JGP Bosphorus
    Her LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Josefine Taljegard SWE
    SP West Side Story (soundtrack) by Leonard Bernstein
    LP Once Upon a Time in the West (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    Her coach is Maria Taljegard, and her Choreographe is: Kim Zandvoort . She is 17.
    Her personal best score used to be 117.48, earned at JGP Volvo Cup 2011.
    She is the Swedish bronze medallist in junior competition.
    She was most recently the bronze medallist at the Coupe de Printempe 2012 Luxemburg.
    Her short program from Volvo Cup
    Josefine finished tenth at JGP Lake Placid with a score of 122.99, which is her new personal best score.
    Her SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Her LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Laure Nicodet SUI
    SP Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
    LP Smile - Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack); The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack); The Loving Mandolin (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack); Titine - Modenr Times (Charlie Chaplin soundtrack)
    Laure trains with coaches Myriam Loriol-Oberwiler & Philippe Pelissier. Her choreographer is Stephanie Ferrer-Pelissier. She will soon be 15.
    Her LP from The Challenge Cup last March, where she finished fourteenth.
    She made her first JGP appearance at JGP Austria, where she finished thirteenth with a score of 105.09.
    Her SP at JGP Austria
    Her LP at JGP Austria

    Pernille Sørensen DEN
    SP Ancient Egypt
    LP Rock Meets Rachmaninov by Jon Schmidt, Steven Nelson; Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninov
    Her coach is Coach is Andrzej Strzelec, and her Choreographer is Kate Strzelec .
    Her personal best score was 100.21 at JGP Brasov. She is the Danish Junior Champion. She placed 6th in Juniors at the Nordics.
    Her SP from Skate Copenhagen in May
    She competed at JGP Lake Placid, finishing sixteenth with a score of 97.99, which is now her personal best.
    Her SP at JGP Lake Placid

    Her LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Sila Saygi TUR
    SP Baghdad by Jesse Cook
    LP Valse Sentimentale by P. I. Tchaikovski
    Sila's coach & choreographer is Kutay Eryoldas. She is 16, and won the Junior Ladies Championship of Turkey in 2010/2011. She competed at Junior Worlds, but did not advance past the preliminary round. Her best ever total score was 118.94. She finished sixth at the Bavarian Openof 2012.
    Her LP from the 2011 Istanbul Cup
    She competed at JGP Bosphorus, where she finished eighteenth with a score of 97.83.
    Her SP at JGP Bosphorus
    Her LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Mayako MATSUNO JPN
    Mayako is 13.
    She won the Japanese Novice Championship in the 2011-2012 season.
    She placed third in Novice Girls at the Val Gardena 2012 competiition.
    She placed fifth in juniors at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy 2012.
    Asian FD Trophy 2012 SP (She scored 32.18, and it was quite disastrous).
    Asian FS Trophy LP (78.96, for a total of 111.14) She completed 3lz2t, 3F, 3S, 2A3t, and 3T and fell on 3F and 2T.
    An interview with Mayako at Asian FS Trophy
    JGP Croatia is her JGP debut.

    Chantelle Kerry AUS
    SP The Balcony by Marcelo Zarvos Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of
    LP Alice Returns ;Blood of the Jabberwocky; Proposal ; Alice Returns (fall rom Alice in Wonderland soundtrack) by Danny Elfman
    Her coaches are Monica MacDonald & Kylie Fennel. Her Choreographer isMonica MacDonald.
    She is 16, and the current Australian Junior Ladies Champion.
    Best personal score in the Youth Olympic Games, where she placed tenth, 108.99
    She competed at last year's Four Continents, and finished seventeenth there. She also represented Australia at Senior Worlds, but did not make it past the Preliminary round.
    Her SP from JGP Tallinn 2011
    She recently skated at JGP Sencila-Bled, where she finished nineteenth with a score of 96.76.
    Her SP at JGP Sencila-Bled
    Her LP at JGP Sencila-Bled

    Ceciliane Mei Ling Hartmann SIN
    SP Odysse de Cartier by Bruno Aveillan; Leila Runs Free by Patrick Doyle
    LP Epilogue by Lee Byung Woo; Waltz
    Ceciliane is 14. Her coaches are Nicolas Osseland &Oleg Vassiliev. Her choreographer is Nicholas Osseland.
    She recently competed at JGP Lake Placid, finishing nineteenth with a score of 92.76.
    Her SP at JGP Lake Courchevel

    Her LP at JGP Lake Courchevel

    Pina Umek SLO
    SP Reflection of Passion by Yanni
    LP Main Theme from Howl's Moving Castle (soundtrack)
    Her coaches are Anja Bratec, Tamara Dorofejev, and Jan Cejvan. Her choreographer is Jeranjak Ipakjan. Her best ever score was 76.00, achieved last season at JGP Austria. She finished fourteenth at the Triglav Trophy this spring.
    Her SP from JGP Austria 2011
    She competed at JGP Bosphorus, where she finished twenty-second with a score of 89.92.
    Her SP at JGP Bosphorus
    Her LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Valentina Mikac CRO
    SP Two Guitars by Paul Mauriat
    LP La Bayadere (The Temple Dancer) by Leon Minkus
    Valentina is 15. She trains in Bratislava with her coaches Ivana Jakupcevic & Irakli Japaridze. Her choreographers are Diana Kuneva Franjkovic,& Ivana Jakupcevic.
    She is the Croatian Junior champion. She finished thirteenth at Triglav Trophy 2012. Her total score there was 83.95.
    Here is her LP from Skate Helena 2012
    She made her first JGP appearance at JGP Austria, where she finished twenty fourth with a score of 83.77..
    Her SP at JGP Austria
    Her LP at JGP Austria

    Raya M. Willoughby MAS
    SP Egyptic by Beats Antique
    LP Above and Beyond by Bassnectar
    Her coach is Ross Lansel, and her Choreographer is Carissa Tambaschi.
    Her best ever score was 57.27 at JGP Courchevel in 2010.
    Willoughby was the first woman to represent Malaysia at an ISU Championship when she competed at 2011 Junior Worlds.
    Raya Willoughby Returns to the Rink for the 7th Malaysian Championships, and is interviewed

    She competed at JGP Lake Placid, finishing twenty fourth with a score of 57.27.
    Her SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Her LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Ema Lipovscak CRO
    She has not added her programs to her ISU biography as yet.
    Her coaches are Irakli Japaridze & Gurgen Vardanjan. Her choreographers are Diana Kunova & Bojana Lipovscak.
    She is 17. She placed fourth in seniors at her National championship, and competed at World Juniors, but did not make it out of the qualifying round.
    Her best ever score was Personal Best Total Score 76.21, at 2009 JGP Cup of Croatia. She finished sixth at the Dragun Trophy in Ljubljana earlier this year.
    Her SP from JGP Baltic last year:
    She recently skated at JGP Sencila-Bled, where she finished twenty sixth with a score of 84.30..
    Her SP at JGP Sencila-Bled
    Her LP at JGP Sencila-Bled

    Kristina Zakharanka BLR
    SP Russian Dance (from "Swan Lake") by Petr I. Tchaikovski
    LP Don Quixote by Leon Minkus
    Kristina is 15. Her coach is Alexander Morozov. She is the Senior Champion of Belarus. She recently finished third at Ice Star of Minski. Her best ever personal score is 87.90.
    She finished twenty-sixth at JGP Bosphorus with a score of 82.98.
    Her SP at JGP Bosphorus
    Her LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Oliya Clarkson GRN
    Her program info is listed as from this season, but is actually from the 2011/2012 season.
    SP Bird (information from 2011/12 season)
    LP Don't Worry Be Happy; Sunrise Sunset; Moscow Night (all information from 2011/12 season)
    Oliya skated at 2012 Junior Worlds, and is the first skater to represent Grenada at an ISU championship. She is the national senior champion of Grenada. She is 15. Her coaches are Nikolai Morosov, R. Serov & M. Voitsekhovskaia. Morosov is also her choreographer.
    A montage of her skating from 2010, from Ice Theater of New York.
    She finished twenty-seventh JGP Bosphorus with a score of 76.20.
    Her SP at JGP Bosphorus
    Her LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Arijana Tirak BIH
    There is no information listed on her ISU biography about her programs.
    Although Arijana lists Claudia Achl as her choreographer, she does not list a coach, but only former coaches. She is 16, and her hometown is Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzgovina.
    She finished fourteenth at Dragun Trophy this spring. Her best total score is 45.49 from 2010 Czech Skate JGP.
    Here is her LP from the Volvo Cup JGP 2011
    She recently skated at JGP Sencila-Bled, where she finished thirty third with a score of 56.48.
    Her SP at JGP Sencila-Bled
    Her LP at JGP Sencila-Bled

    Kristina Dubrovskaya CYP
    No information at all on her ISU biography
    There are no youtube videos of her.
    Cyprus only just received its certification as an ISU country. Kristina is the first Cypriote to compete in an ISU event.
    [/quote]The Cyprus Skating Federation is young in age, but in its short existence has been a huge support for many young talented skaters who are training with the ambition to skate for their country. Not known for its winter sports, this will be a huge historical moment for both Cyprus and Kristina. Kristina will be the first skater that has represented Cyprus in the solo ladies free skate category.
    Former Russian born, Kristina started skating at a young age in Moscow and then moved with her parents to Cyprus, she is now training along side Yuri in preparation for the up and coming Junior grand prix and the forth coming season.[/[/quote]

    Milica Jokic SRB
    SP Russian Dance (from "Swan Lake") by Petr I. Tchaikovski
    LP_ Military Academy by Nemjana Mosurovic; March on the Drina by Stanislav Binicki
    Her hobby is show dancing. Her coach and choreographer is Milica Brozovic. She is only 13.
    She finished fifth in Juniors at 2012 Skate Helena with a score of 85.54 earlier this year.

    Dominika Murckova SVK
    SP Tango Adagio; Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriela; Viking Man by Rodrigo y Gabriela
    LP The Folks by Dave Grusin; No Hay Problema by Pink Martini
    Her coach is Peter Sczypa, and her choreographers are Edoardo de Bernardis & Barbara Riboldi.
    Her personal best score is 95.80, earned at JGP Volvo Cup 2011.
    She recently finished twenty second at the Nebelhorn Cup with a score of 83.84.
    Her LP at 2012. Sportország Trophy Műkorcsolya verseny
    Her SP from JGP Volvo Cup 2011

    Jana Coufalova CZE
    SP Love in Venice by Edvin Marton
    LP Pearl Harbour (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer; Chopin Etude performed by Maxim Mrvica
    She is 15. Her coach is Ivana Tokosova, and her choreographers are Jana Svacinov & Monika Konecna.
    She placed third at her last national championships in juniors.
    She placed nineteenth at the 2011 NRW Trophy in singles.
    Her SP at NRW Trophy
    Her LP at NRW Trophy

    Caterina Andermarcher ITA
    Her programs have not been updated on ISU in over two years.
    She is 17. Her coach is Gabriele Mincho, and her choreographers areRiccardo Morelli & Gabriele Mincho.
    She received her personal best score of 103.04 at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011.
    She placed eighth at the last Italian championships.
    She placed eleventh at the 2012 Gardena Spring Trophy in seniors
    Her Free Program from Val Gardena Spring Trophy 2012

    Mimi Tanasorn Chindasook THA
    SP The Chairman's Waltz (from "Memoirs of a Geisha" soundtrack) by John Williams (information from 2011/12 season)
    LP The Mission (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone (information from 2011/12 season)
    She is 17. Her coaches are Anthony Liu & Frank Caroll. Her choreographers are Lori Nichol, Philipp Mills, & Nadezhda Kanaeva.
    She received her best ever total score of 107.88 at JGP Volvo Cup 2011 where she finished sixteenth.
    Mimi skating at Ice Castle in June 2012
    Her SP from 2011 Trofeo W. Lombardi

    Georgina Kantor HUN
    SP La Valse d'Amelie (from "Amelie Poulain" soundtrack) by Yann Tiersen
    LP Nyah (from Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    Her coaches are Gayane Akopian & Natalia Gavrilova. Her choreographers are Igor Lutikov &Alexei Vasilievski. She is 13, and this is her JGP debut
    She finished second in advanced novices at the 2011 Santa Claus Cup.
    Prize of President of FSF of Moscow, skating her SP to Amelie

    Victoria Huebler AUT
    SP Margarita de Agosto by Raul Garello
    LP W.E. (soundtrack) by Abel Korzeniewski, Madonna
    Her coach and choreographer is Jana Huebler, her mother.
    She finished first in juniors at the 2012 Nesquik Cup.
    She placed second in juniors at the most recent Austrian national championship.
    She earned her best total score of 118.51 at JGP Tallinn 2011.
    Her LP at JGP Tallinn
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