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Do athletes in other sports take acting lessons?

What is it about figure skating that makes some of us want these athletes to take acting lessons?

Michael Jordan never took acting lessons. Usain Bolt to my knowledge has not taken acting lessons nor has Gabby Douglas.

Certain athletes have a degree of charisma that is not taught to them in acting school. It is real and that is why fans like it.

When I want to see fine acting I can watch Robert Dinero or Meryl Streep.

Maybe it's me but I don' t equate Charlie White with Al Pacino. One is an athlete and the other is an actor.

Do we need skaters taking acting lessons under the new scoring system? I thought it was all about sport now
In this case, I think you're comparing apples and chalk: sporting events like track or basketball do not involve *interpretation* as a key component and figure skating does. If it didn't, why bother skating to music at all? Just go out there and skate a circular or straight-line step sequence or curve lift and may the best technician win.

I'm not suggesting that Charlie needs to immerse himself in Stanislavsky, but I think it would help. One thing you can say for Moir--he has an innate acting ability in performance. I've seen flashes of it with some of Charlie's performances and an acting class can help bring that out (I say this as someone who took an acting class in college because I thought it would be a piece of cake--silly silly me! It was one of the hardest--and most rewarding--classes I took, even if I never had any acting aspirations).