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I have to disagree with you here. Plushenko has a VERY strong personality and is almost 30 years old. If his team comes up with something for him and he doesn't like it, it's NOT getting done. He's not a 7 yr old preliminary skater who will do whatever his coach says.
I didnt say anything close to that. It s not a matter if he likes it or not, if they have seen with Mishin that he doesnt have stamina for backloading they are just not doing it. Not that he doesnt get the math as you said. It is not like he can do it and Mishin or him say no. He cant afford a 5-3 now in my opinion. Unless you think they havent thought of the option. I just said Arthur has different jump layout. Obviously they know what is 3-5 but it doesnt work for them.
Probably they have a more detailed plan than Vancouver and they follow it. I ve seen numerous competition practices of him and his training this summer, they surely discuss all the stuff but because he is 30 and not a baby doent mean he doesnt need a coach to guide him and is acting like a spoiled star. When Mishin says jump 10 times, he just does.