Hello, let me introduce myself. You can just call me Xstatic. I'm new to figure skating, I've been learning for 3 months, and I've pretty much nailed the lessons that were given to me, can't figure out the names, but anyway, I haven't gotten to the turns yet, and I got my first jump lesson yesterday. We practiced the waltz jump.

The only problem with me is that my hips are not limber. You all know that not all people are born with naturally open hips, that's why the spreadeagles are not included in most figure skating competitions. I can't do a spreadeagle, it's just difficult. I want to ask about transitions, because sometimes you need a good turn out to transition from one direction to another. This part can be tricky. I just need some input from those who understand or are going through the same thing. I'd appreciate it a lot.

P.S. I'm 20 years old.