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Thread: Short Dance JGP Croatia Friday October 5th 4:00 AM EDT

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    Short Dance JGP Croatia Friday October 5th 4:00 AM EDT

    Live Results here:

    Start Order

    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Rebeka KIM / Kirill MINOV KOR

    2 Valeria GAISTRUK / Alexei OLEJNIK UKR

    3 Mackenzie BENT / Garrett MACKEEN CAN


    Warm-Up Group 2
    5 Millie PATERSON / Edward CARSTAIRS GBR

    6 Alexandra NAZAROVA / Maxim NIKITIN UKR

    7 Celia ROBLEDO / Luis FENERO ESP

    8 Carina GLASTRIS / Nicholas LETTNER GRE

    Warm-Up Group 3

    10 Olga JAKUSHINA / Aleksandrs GRISHINS LAT

    11 Evgenia KOSIGINA / Nikolai MOROSHKIN RUS

    12 Melinda MENG / Andrew MENG CAN

    Warm-Up Group 4
    13 Valeria ZENKOVA / Valerie SINITSIN RUS

    14 Jasmine TESSARI / Stefano COLAFATO ITA

    15 Szilvia MAGYAR / Daniel ILLES HUN

    16 Slavyana TSENOVA / Egor ZAYTSEV BUL

    Warm-Up Group 5
    17 Karina UZUROVA / Ilias ALI KAZ

    18 Rachel PARSONS / Michael PARSONS USA


    20 Kathrin HAEUSER / Sevan LERCHE GER

    21 Marina ELIAS / Denis KORELINE EST

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    Wow, the Parsons blew through their personal best in the SD by a whopping 5 points and is just hair short of the lead and ahead of Zenkova/Sinitsin. That was unexpected. Looks like they had the highest TES that included scoring the second highest score on the patterns with 5 out of the 6 key points (only the Canadian Meng siblings scored higher -- they got level 4 on both and got all six key points). Kosigna/Moroshkin won on PCS, which I think is very appropriate. The Parsons do seem rough around the edges still.

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    1. Evgenia KOSIGINA & Nikolai MOROSHKIN (RUS) - 56.70 Short Dance
    2. Rachel PARSONS & Michael PARSONS (USA) - 56.35 Short Dance
    3. Valeria ZENKOVA & Valerie SINITSIN (RUS) - 54.42 Short Dance
    4. Mackenzie BENT & Garrett MACKEEN (CAN) - 51.97 Short Dance
    5. Alexandra NAZAROVA & Maxim NIKITIN (UKR) - 49.13 Short Dance
    6. Melinda MENG & Andrew MENG (CAN) - 46.85 Short Dance
    7. Anna NAGORNYUK & Viktor KOVALENKO (UZB) - 44.08 Short Dance
    8. Karina UZUROVA & Ilias ALI (KAZ) - 43.43 Short Dance
    9. Celia ROBLEDO & Luis FENERO (ESP) - 42.76 Short Dance
    10. Rebeka KIM & Kirill MINOV (KOR) - 41.09 Short Dance

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    The Parsons are a little rough, but I thought their program did bring a Hip Hip character to the dance that actually worked, particularly the lift.

    And this was a much better performance for them than their last JGP:

    I took some notes, if anyone is interested, here they are (a little bit fleshed out for the top finishers):

    The SD was won by Evgenia KOSIGINA & Nikolai MOROSHKIN RUS. The Lake Placid JGP silver medalists again won the short dance, showing high speed throughout the fast-paced routine to "Capone" from the Celtic Tiger Live album by Ronan Hardimanas, as they did at Lake Placid. However, their Blues Pattern Dance scores dropped, due to the fact that they only got credit for 2 of the 6 key points, in contrast to Lake Placid where they were able to check off all 6. They completed an excellent level 4 curved lift where they demonstrated beautiful sharpness, especially in the dismount. And they received credit for level three on their midline step, something that few teams have done this year. However, their synchronization on their twizzles was not perfect.

    The second place team of Rachel PARSONS / Michael PARSONS USA was a surprise. The pair showed their entertaining hiphop moves to Justin Timberlake, Madonna & Christian Hiphop Factory, and achieved a personal best, and the highest technical score of the event (31.93, a score so high that it would qualify them for senior worlds), almost 3 points higher than Kosigina & Moroshkin. The US pewter medalists hit 5 of 6 key points, and also earned a level 3 for their step sequence. Their smoothly skated blues pattern dance was the highlight of their routine, but they are one of the few teams that have successfully captured the character of hiphop dancing on ice. Their lift was particularly fine.

    (They earned 56.35, a Huge PB improvement from their previous best of 51.07 at JGP Austria.

    3 Valeria ZENKOVA / Valerie SINITSIN RUS 54.42 28.50 25.92 6.61 6.36 6.54 6.46 6.43 0.00 #13

    The Russian bronze medalists skated to your " Your Heart Is As Black As Night" and "Swing: Brother Swing" Like their teamates, they struggled a bit with the Blues Pattern Dance, hitting only 3 of 6 key points. They also had trouble maintaining a match of legline in the swingrolls & Choctaws in the blues pattern dance. The speed of rotation in their lift was especially thrilling, and the judges liked it very much. They only received level 3 in the twizzles. Consequently, their TES was over 3 points lower than the Parson's score.
    They seemed to have trouble maintaining unison throughout the swing part of the dance, which was rather frenetic.

    4 Mackenzie BENT / Garrett MACKEEN CAN, the Lake Placid JGP bronze medalists, also hit only 3 of the 6 key points in the pattern dance, to finish a disappointing fourth to s: History Is Made At Night by Marc Shaiman &I Never Met A Wolf Who Didn't Love.
    Mackenzie is 15, and Garrett is 18.. However, their high PCS score indicates that they may finish higher in the long program. Their curved lift was interesting, and definitely the highlight of the routine, and their level 4 twizzles were very good. If I were them, I'd lose the white satin dress with the plunging neckline that Mackenzie is wearing. She and Garret seem to be dressed for entirely different programs.

    5 Alexandra NAZAROVA / Maxim NIKITIN UKR 49.13 25.44 23.69 6.04 5.79 6.00 6.07 5.75 0.00 #6
    SD Blues: Gota Broken Heart by Walter Trout; Swing Set
    1bl4 yyy
    2bl2 tyn one judge noticed the timing -1

    blues kind of far apart
    There seems to be a rash of these white ugly dresses with plunging necklines at this SD
    hydroblade cute
    legs not quite even in the blues
    the lift is the pair cantilever. He used his hand to get her into the position, which is probably why it ended up as level 2.

    6 Melinda MENG / Andrew MENG CAN 46.85 28.07 19.78 5.11 4.75 5.00 5.00 4.86 1.00 #12
    2bl4 yyy
    1bl4 yyy

    This is an interesting couple from Canada. They are the only team here to hit all 6 of 6 key points, and so finished 4th even with a fall by Andrew as he took his ending pose. Their blues pattern was the highlight of their routine, showing a brother sister team can excel at the blues. They finished the routine to Hiphop, skating to "Bang, Bang (She Shot Me) by K'NAAN. They lost track of each other and the timing to the demanding hiphop rhythm in the step, leading to their receiving only level 1 for that element.

    very close in height (short)
    uneven legline on the front kick by the girl. Odd that
    I can see
    K'Naan Bang Bang (She Shot Me)
    not on the beat
    very long posing sequence in the middle.
    standard rotation lift but a pretty good one

    Judge NINE (BULGARIA) destested the Mengs (three -1's ! All the other judges gave them positives.

    They got a one point deduction for a fall ! (obv not on an element; it was on the final pose)

    Highlight Rotational Lift

    7 Anna NAGORNYUK / Viktor KOVALENKO UZB 44.08 20.15 23.93 6.04 5.75 6.11 6.07 5.93 0.00 #4
    SD Blues: One Night by Elvis Presley; Jive: Long Tall Sally by Elvis Presley
    He has great style and the little shimmy moves before they started the jive were just great.
    She? not so much. Sloppy edges. Their arms in the blues cd bug me, being held way too high, and way too outstretched. Still an amusing routine, and definitely in 1950's/early 1960's character..

    They recently competed at JGP Sencila-Bled

    9 Celia ROBLEDO / Luis FENERO ESP 42.76 24.42 18.34 4.71 4.43 4.75 4.64 4.43 0.00 #7
    twizzles out of sync for sure
    nothing special
    great dismount from a standard lift to end.

    10 Rebeka KIM / Kirill MINOV KOR 41.09 22.64 18.45 4.79 4.46 4.75 4.68 4.43 0.00 #1
    SD Blues: Ain't Nobody's Business by Porter Grainger; Swing: Black Cat Fever orchestral.
    They are coached by Irina Zhuk & Alexander Svinin who also do their choreography. Rebecka is 14 &Kirill's 19.
    They skated well at Korean JGP Selection competition in August.

    a little slow but very nice, and much improved from Korean test skate
    they train in moscow w/ svinin/zhuk. Perhaps they could enter cup of moscow?
    lots of personality!

    COOLIO LIFT in the swing portion
    Loved it!!!

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