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"While Johnson's background is dance, she's worked with skaters for more than a decade. She focuses on proper use of the body's core, not just to strengthen the artistic side of performances, but also for the technical elements such as jumps and spins."
"I do things differently. If I did the same thing as most of the other skating coaches, people wouldn't call me in to work with them," said Johnson, whose daughter was a skater."

That's a scary part that I worry about. Dancers teaching figure skaters jumping techniques? Oh, ok, if my daughter is a dentist, than I guess I know how to be one too.
Patric, get a real coach, there is a reason why figure skaters don't do things differently and don't hire ballet dancers as their figure skating coaches.
Sadly, I agree totally. I am also curious about how Johnson got accreditation to be at the boards with Patrick. You must be a certified level 3 coach to go to national/international level competitions with your athlete. If you are even only level 2, you must send them with someone else. Perhaps a 'loophole' for new coaches.