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Thread: Medal Winners Open

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    I watched the MWO and it is just great to see a Pro competition back!!, let's hope it is the start of things to come, a great competition I felt, I will summarise.


    jeff buttle a deserved winner,I will go with the judges there, technically sound and steps and sequences very good, good flow around the ice, and a good choreographic program to the "shirt"

    Kurt browning, just have to say WOW, the best artistic program out on the ice, debating whether this should have been first, but the jumps were not there tonight, but the score should have been close to Jeff.

    yagudin and Honda, one of those for me should have been third, preferably Honda, a nice program to tosca, yagudin displayed good footwork as we should expect by yagudin very close.

    Kulik, nothing in between the skating for me and the program just did not click and gel like the others.

    candeloro, I like the guy but I reckon he got a phone call at the last moment, a disaster for me, maybe he should have stayed at home but I know the Japanese love him and he did not want to let them down.


    Shizu, she looked lovely out there, I love the swan program but lacked speed and flow, but the jumps and spins and footwork worked in her favour. I would have had Shizu second.

    Joannie for me was the best tonight, good program, nice concept, good flow and linking moves, technically sound. Excellent.

    A lot of people might disagree with me, but I thought Laura's program to flamenco was pure class, every nuance of the music used and she played the part, yes the jumps let Laura down but artistically the best of the night and on this basis third for me ahead of irina. Good to see Laura back!!

    Irina, her jumps were very good tonight, not sure on her program choice, did not connect with me, but a nice flow on the ice, debating for third, but fourth for me.

    sarah, lovely choice of music enjoyed the program, choreographically very good, technique let her down, but I enjoy her skating so much, great spinner! Fifth for me.

    Kimmie, like Laura good to see her back, program good but the program again for me did not gel, agree with the 6th place.
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