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    JGP Chemnitz 2012 Pairs Preview

    Sadly, there are not a lot of junior pairs. They are only competing at four of the seven JGP events. We have seen most of these pairs before this year, and yet, because of the unpredictably of Junior Pairs, I hesitate to make any predictions about them. I have listed them below roughly in order of their scores in their previous event this year. The highest score was by Jones & Beharry, who won JGP Austria. Below them are three Russian teams, Fedorova & Moroshkin RUS, who placed second to the Canadians in Austria, Vigalova & Zakhroev, who won the bronze at that same event. Tarasova & Morosov RUS also impressed in their JGP debut at Croatia. They won the short program, but skated poorly in the long. They could snag the bronze if they complete two good routines. I don't hold out much hope for Blackmer & Simpson USA. Even if they skate perfectly, they lag these other four teams in technical difficulty. I think fifth is the best we can hope for them or for Pfund & Reiss USA.

    Quite a few of these teams have not filed ISU biographies, or if they have biographies, they have not filed updates with their music from this season. If you know what the music is, shout it out, please! There are at least two programs where I swear I know the music but I can't think of the name.

    Brittany Jones & Ian Beharry CAN
    SP Bombay Dreams by A. L. Webber Music
    LP Winter and Summer from Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi
    Brittary is 16 and Ian is 20.
    This is new pairing, coached by Kristy Sargent Wirtz in Kitchener-Waterloo. Their choreographe is: Matk Pillay.

    Brittany & Ian finished in third place in the short program at Skate Detroit with a score of 41.17, and in seventh place in the Long Program with a score of 70.61.
    They fared better at Indy Challenge, winning the short program with a score of 44.88 and placing secon in the long with a score of 81.41.
    They won the gold medal at their JGP debut at JGP Austria 2012, with a score of 152.78.
    Their SP in Austria
    Their LP in Austria

    Lina Fedorova & Maxim Miroshkin RUS
    SP Singin in the Rain
    LP Selections from The Pajama Game soundtrack, including Hernando's Hideaway
    They have never filed a fully filled out ISU bio.
    Lina is 14; Maxim is 18.
    Their previous personal best score was 134.88 at JGP Austria last year, where they finished fifth. They won the silver medal at the Youth Olympics last year in juniors.
    They won the NRW Trophy in 2011 in Junior Pairs. with a score of 137.41. They did not compete at Russian Junior Nationals last year.
    Their SP from NRW Trophy:
    Lina & Maxim competed at 2012 JGP Austria, finishing second with a new personal best score of 143.49.
    Their SP at JGP Austria
    Their LP at JGP Austria

    Maria Vigalova & Egor Zakroev RUS
    SP Stray Cat Strut
    They have not updated their ISU bio.
    They are from Perm, and finished fourth in last year's Russian Junior National Championships with a total score of 144.54.
    They competed last year on both the Russian Cup for Juniors and for Seniors. They won the third leg of the Junior cup over Davankova & Deputat. They finished fifth in their other junior event.
    They finished 2nd in one of the Senior events, and seventh in the other.
    They were 10th at Russian Senior Nationals (135.98).
    Here's their SP from Russian Junior Nationals
    Here is a video of them training a quad twist on the floor
    They won the bronze medal at 2012 JGP Austria with a personal best score of 142.78.
    Their SP at JGP Austria
    Their LP at JGP Austria

    Britney Simpson & Matthew Blackmer USA
    SP The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack) by James Horner
    LP Excerpts from Henry V by Patrick Doyle
    Britney & Matthew train with Dalilah Sappenfield in Colorado Springs. Sappenfield is both their coach & their choreographer. Britney is 16, and Matthew is 20.
    Their international personal best was 146.35 at the Junior grand Prix Final, where they won the bronze medal.
    They are the American national silver medallists in Juniors, but did not have a good outing at Junior Worlds last year, where they only finished tenth.
    Simpson and Blackmer won the free skate at Skate Detroit this summer with a score of 84.24 and won the short program with a score of 46.71. (Total score 130.95)
    Here is their really good SP from the Junior Grand Prix Final last year:
    Britney and Matthew finished fifth at JGP Austria with a score of 133.05.
    Their SP at JGP Austria
    Their LP at JGP Austria

    Jessica Pfund & AJ Reiss USA
    SP Bolero for Violin and Orchstra by Vanessa Mae
    LP Tristan and Islode arranged by Maxime Rodriguez
    Coach & Choreographer Peter Oppegard
    5th at Junior Nationals
    This is their JGP debut.
    Their long program from The Hague Challenge Cup back in March.
    They skated at Lake Placid, finishing fifth, with a score of 124.42.
    Their SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Their LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Annabelle Prölss & Ruben Blommaert GER
    SP Italian Fantasia performed by Orchestra Mantovani
    LP Robin Hood (soundtrack) by Marc Streitenfeld
    Their coach is Karel Fajfr, & their choreographer is Rostislav Sinicyn. Annabelle is 13, and Ruben is 20.
    Prölss/Blommaert teamed up in late 2011. He competed in singles for Belgium until 2010. He competed at the European Championships in 2008 and 2009 as well as at the World Junior Championships. His twin brother Sander is a dancer with the Royal Ballet in London.
    They are the reigning Junior Champions of Germany.
    Here they are in a recent exhibition at Obertsdorf
    They skated in Lake Placid, finishing sixth with a score of 122.45
    Their SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Their LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Shalena Rau & Phelan Simpson CAN
    SP Mary Poppins Chim Chim Cheree by Sherman Brothers
    LP My Fair Lady Medley by Frederic Lowe
    4th at Canadian Junior Championships
    They were second in the LP at Skate Detroit this summer with a score of 82.29
    They were 5th in the SP there, with a score of 33.02.

    This is their JGP debut
    Here's their program from Canadians
    They skated at Lake Placid., finishing eighth, with a score of 119.67.
    Their SP at Lake Placid
    Their LP at Lake Placid

    Natasha Purich & Sebastian Arcieri CAN
    SP They Cant Take That Awy From Me by Percy Faith
    LP Mack and Mable OvertureThis is a new pairing. Natasha is 17 and Sebastian is 18. They train in Montreal with coaches Richard Gauthier & Bruno Marcotte. Their choreographer isJulie Marcotte.
    They finished third at the Quebec summer competition with a score of 31.05 in the short program and second in the long program with a score of 67.34.
    I did not find any videos of them.
    They finished tenth in Austria with a score of 113.76, which is now their personal best.
    Their SP in Austria
    Their LP in Austria

    Veera Kestila & Callum Bullard AUS
    SP Austin Powers (soundtrack) by George Clinton
    LP Don Quixote by Leon Minkus
    They have been, and continue to be, coached by a lot of different coaches in different locations: Liz Cain & P. Cain (Texas) S. Carlow (Australia), D. Sappenfield (Colorado). Their choreographer is Evgeni Nemirovski
    They are the Junior Champions of Australia. Veera is 14, and Callum is 18, soon to be 19.
    Callum has some unusual hobbies: medieval combat, geocaching, fire poi.
    I had never heard of fire poi. It is a form of swinging weight that have been set ablaze.
    Here is a video of Fire Poi
    Their best ever score was achieved at JGP 2011 Tallinn last year, 75.84, where they placed fourteenth. They competed at World Juniors last year, but did not make it out of the qualifying round.
    Their short program at Tallinn JGP:
    They were scheduled to skate at JGP Croatia, but withdrew from competition.

    Ekaterinina Angelina & Philipp Tarasov AZE
    LP Exodus soundtrack (This Land is Mine); Sarabande by Handel
    This couple still has no ISU biography.
    Ekaterinina used to skate in singles in Russia and competed on the Russian Cup in 2011.
    She finished thirteenth on the fourth leg of the Cup.
    Philipp (who at the time spelled his name Filipp) used to skate pairs with Anastasia Lipunova, competed in pairs on the Russian Cup in 2011, winning the second leg of the Cup.
    It appears that they have teamed up to skate pairs for Azerbaijan.
    There are no videos of either of them that I have found on youtube, and their ages and coaching history are not given on their Tracings biography. They have no ISU biography yet.
    They skated in Croatia, finishing twelfth, with a score of 99.08.
    Their SP at Croatia
    Their LP at Croatia

    Kyong Mi Kang & Ju Sik Kim PRK
    SP Flamenco by Didulia
    LP The Person Who the Era Needs by Jong Min Kim
    Their coach is Ok Hui Hong
    This is a very new team. Previously, (1): Kyong Mi KANG was paired with Mun Song KIM (PRK) and placed second in Seniors in the 2011-2012 national championships.
    Kyong is 18, Ju is 20.
    This is their first JGP appearance. I can't find any videos of their skating.

    Vanessa Bauer & Nolan Seegert GER
    This is another relatively recent team, for which no ISU biography exists.
    Nolan has skated with a number of partners before Vanessa: Bauer & Seegert, Klinger & Seegert, Salatzki & Seegert
    At the German National Championships, Vanessa finished ninth in Junior Ladies in 2011
    Their free skate from Challenge Cup 2012, where they finsihed third with a score of 70.92.
    They skated at JGP Croatia, finishing tenth, with a score of 103.03
    Their SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Their LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Giulia Foresti & Leo Luca Sforza ITA
    SP Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (instrumental; swing version)
    LP Flamenco
    They have no ISU bio as yet. They are very young, they are national junior champions of Italy, and this is their first JGP.
    Here there is also the artistic race in pairs, which are designated for our national Giulia Foresti, 13 years (the youngest of the squad), and Leoluca Sforza, 14, still licensed Olympic Dream. They are the reigning national champions in this discipline
    (with assistance from Google Translate)
    Their LP from the Italian Championships.
    They skated in Lake Placid, finishing eleventh, with a score of 105.19
    Their SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Their LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Rachel Epstein & Dmitry Epstein NED
    SP Highway to Hell by AC/DC
    LP The Lion King (soundtrack) by Elton John
    Their coaches are Nina Mozer & Arina Ushakova Their choreographer is Arina Ushakova. They train in Moscow. They are 19 year old twins.
    They finished fourth in Juniors in this spring's International Challenge Cup in their hometown of The Hague.
    They are the Dutch Junior champions. This is their JGP debut.
    Their personal best score was 86.33 at 2011 JGP Austria..
    Their SP at JGP Austria
    Their LP at JGP Austria

    Marcelina Lech & Jakub Tyc POL
    SP Four Seasons
    LP Amelie soundtrack
    In 2010, Jakub was skating with Anastasia Levshina
    In 2011, he was skating with Anna Siedlecka.
    In 2011, Marcelina Lech was skating singles, and finished thirteenth at the 3 Nations joint championship in 2012 in Senior Ladies..
    This year, they competed in Juniors for Poland at the Nestle Nesquik Cup and finished fourth, with a score of 96.55.
    They skated at Croatia, finishing twelfth, with a score of 98.22.
    Their SP at JGP Croatia
    Their LP at JGP Croatia

    Anjelika Ilieva & Pavel Savinov BUL
    SP Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
    LP Van Helsing (soundtrack) by Alan Silvestri, David Bifano
    They train in Sofia with Coach: Stoian Kazakov. Their choreographer is Ina Lutai.
    Anjelika is 16, and Pavel is 20.
    This is a relatively new team. Pavel competed in singles through the 2010-2011 season.
    They placed sixth at the 2011 Golden Spin of Zagreb.
    There are no videos of them as a couple. However, here's Pavel skating his SP in 2011 at the Bavarian Open in Oberstdorf.
    They skated in Austria, finishing thirteenth with a score of 81.96, which is now their personal best.
    Their SP in Austria
    Their LP in Austria
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