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    Alexey Mishin: Evgeni PLUSHENKO showed in Japan both bright, and dark sides
    10 | 10 | 2012 13:39

    At command competition Japan Open the Russian skater Evgeni PLUSHENKO skated unsuccessfully. He fell in the end of the program and took only fourth place. However PLUSHENKO's coach Alexey Mishin (on a photo) considers that the program of the skater had many bright paints and perfectly executed jumps. Fall and the crumpled final part are because program not-enough-trained as a whole. Also Alexey Mishin declared to the correspondent FTsP-Press ( that is dissatisfied with Artur GACHINSKI's performance, and told about plans of one more ward – skater Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVA.

    - How do you estimate Evgeni PLUSHENKO's performance on Japan Open?
    - Evgeni's performance can be noted two paints: bright and victorious, and partially dark and negative. On trainings in Japan he showed a brilliant condition and was almost the best among the competitors. He landed with ease quad jumps, and two quads at once that he didn't do since 2005. Landed triple axel. His new manner of behavior on ice was pleasant for everybody. I mean his relationship of the skate with ice. He corresponded to modern rules and spirit of skating more.
    During the preparatory period our main attention was given to development of difficult elements that, because of injury, were given him with great difficulty. Now this problem of a technical set of difficult elements is solved.
    But we did not work enough on skating all program entirely. Therefore he in two minutes of skating in Japan usually was tired, having crumpled the final part of program. Though started Eugene perfectly, having executed two quad jumps and a 3A. Fatigue in a final part is a reason of his low rplace in table of participants. Mistakes were elementary: falling from the double axel, not up to the end executed rotation and so on.
    Evgeni excellently performed the rod moments which we wanted to show. He left about himself very good impression in community of figure skating which apprehended him as one of applicants for entry into the highest elite of world figure skating. If to speak about formal result, it, of course, didn't suit us. And as a whole this trip was very useful because it revealed both positive sides, and negative.

    - What will be his next competitions?
    - While we decide on dates. We only collected all jumping arsenal in a heap, now it is necessary to make a possibility to execute all elements together. Then we will choose any competition for participation. Probably, it may be one of events of the Cup of Russia or any international event. Now Evgeni is not ready to perform all program entirely, we need to fulfill an endurance component.

    - What will you tell by results of Artur GACHINSKI's performance on the Federation Cup in Sochi?
    - I am dissatisfied with its performance on this competition. The end of the past season and the beginning of this season are not good for Artur. He can't show result as good as he is capable. I believe, it is because of personal circumstances of the athlete. To speak in the past tense about the athlete who was the third in the Worlds and the second in the European championship, prematurely. He has now such a period which he will endure and leaves on level which corresponds to his endowments and talent.

    - Will Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVA be at the Canadian Event of the Grand Prix?
    - Yes, she will go to Canada. On October 20 we together with Liza and Artur take off for Canada where we will have small training campg. And we will take place on October 26 and 27 on the Grand Prix.

    - Will the result of this competitinon be important?
    - Only the coach who dissembles, can tell that it the result doesn't interest. The result is always important. Our goal - to earn a podium.

    Dmitry Rachitsky. Photo Maxim Konyaev, PR+Sport agency
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