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Thread: JGP Chemnitz 2012 Men' Preview

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    JGP Chemnitz 2012 Men' Preview

    If Maxim Kovtun RUS skates as well as he did at JGP Croatia, he will finish over 20 points ahead of his next competitor. There is a good chance that that next competitor Alexander Samarin RUS, who earned the bronze medal at JGP Bosphorus. There are a group of men with a chance at the bronze, most notably Shotaro Omori USA and Shoma Uno of Japan. One interesting debut will occur here at JGP Chemnitz 2012. It is the JGP debut of Anthony Kan, the 2012 Canadian Novice Champion, who has skated well in Canadian & American junior competitions this last summer. It will be interesting to see how he compares with the seniors. And Martin Rappe GER may put in a good performance here in Germany.

    Maxim Kovtun RUS
    SP Lawrence of Arabia
    LP Casablanca
    His ISU biography has not been updated, but his programs are known from test skates in Russia.
    His current coach is Elena Buianova (Vodorezova). He left his former coach Nikolai Morosov this last summer, and rumor has it that Nikolai fired him.
    Maxim is 17. He achieved his former personall best score of 193.76 at last year's Junior Grand Prix Final in Quebec City, where he finished fourth. He also represented Russia at the World Team Trophy this last spring, where he finished twelfth. Maxim has a quad, but sometimes falters on his other jumps.
    His SP from the 2011 JGPF
    His LP from the 2011 JGPF
    Maxim won the competition at JGP Croatia with a score of 219.19, a new personal best.
    His SP from JGP Croatia 2012
    His LP from JGP Croatia 2012

    Alexander Samarin RUS
    SP Mahogany Suite (orchestral version of the movie soundtrack)
    LP Soundtrack from the Russian movie, "The Admiral"
    Alexander does not yet have an ISU biography.. He is 14.
    His coach is Inna Goncharenko (who is also coach of Elena Radionova).
    He won the NRW Trophy in the Novice division in 2010..
    Last season, he won the bronze medal in two of the Cup of Russia series Junior events.
    His highest score, nationally, was 193.90..
    He plans a seven triple program with two triple triple combinations included.
    He has been a member of the Russian National team since the 2010-2011 season, but he had to withdraw from the most recent Russian Junior championship. He had finished twelfth in juniors in the previous season. - fragment of Vesti-Sports news TV program about "Klin Skate" May 2012.
    The only info about this competition (which is in calendar ofr Federation of Figure Skating of Russia, so of high state).
    Samarin was first in the Senior Men's division.
    Photos (Samarin, Kolyada, Efremenkov). (many photos)
    His SP from last November
    His LP from a competition in Russia last March
    Alexander won the bronze medal at his JGP debut at Sencila-Bled, with a score of 183.03, a personal best.
    His LP from JGP Sencila-Bled
    His SP from JGP Sencila-Bled

    Martin Rappe GER

    SP The Sicilian Clan by Ennio Morricone
    LP Backdraft (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    His coach is Monika Scheibe, and his choreographer is Iwo Svec. Martin is 19.

    He earned his personal best score of 171.38 in placing eleventh at the 2012 World Junior Championships.
    Martin placed third in Germany in Seniors at his last national championships.
    Here's Martin's SP from the World Junior Championships 2012
    At Lake Placid JGP, he finished ninth with a score of 150.16
    Martin's SP from Lake Placid JGP 2012
    Martins LP from Lake Placid JGP 2012

    Shoma Uno JPN
    SP Tanguera
    LP Steps
    Shoma's coaching & choreography team are Machiko Yamada & Mihoko Higuchi. Shoma will turn 15 in December.
    Shoma finished tenth at last year's Junior World Championships, and won the silver medal at last year's Youth Olympics in Juniors. He placed fifth at Japanese Junior Nationals.
    His best ever score was 175.92, at last year's Junior World Championship.
    Shoma's performance in The Ice exhibition in Japan
    His LP at Junior Worlds
    Shoma finished sixth at JGP Sencila-Bled 2012 with a score of 174.34
    His SP from JGP Sencila-Bled
    His LP from JGP Sencila-Bled

    Shotaro Omori USA
    SP Miss Tango by various artists
    LP Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninov
    Shotaro is coached by Tammy Gambill, and his choreographer is Cindy Stuart. He will turn 17 later this month.
    Shotaro achieved his personal best score at JGP Brasov 2011, 168.47
    He placed fourth at JGP Bosphorus with a score of 166.09
    His SP from JGP Bosphorus
    His LP from JGP Bosphorus

    Jay Yostanto USA
    SP "Hollywood Nocturne" and "Caravan" by Brian Setzer Orchestra
    LP "Reflections of Passion" by Yanni, "Eclipse" by Cirque du Soleil
    SP costume designed by Pat Pearsall, FS costume designed by Mare Talbot
    Jay's coaches are Derrick Delmore & Karen-Kwan Oppegard. His choreographer is Derrick Delmore
    Jay is 18 years old.
    He placed seventh in Juniors at the US Championships last season
    He achieved his personal best score of 164.57 at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi last year, where he placed fifth. Here is his SP from that competition:
    Jay placed sixth at JGP Austria 2012 with a score of 165.74, a new personal besst
    His SP from JGP Austria 2012
    His LP from JGP Austria 2012

    Shu Nakamura JPN
    SP Sing, Sing, Sing by Louis Prima
    LP Violin Concerto No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 26 by Max Bruch
    His coaches are Utako Nagamitsu & Takeshi Honda, and his choreographers are Mari Araya & Robert Dow. He is 16.
    He finished sixth at the Youth Olympic Games 2012, and placed twelfth in Juniors at the most recent Japanese National Championships.
    Shu competed at JGP Bosphorus, scoring 161.69 points, and finishing sixth.
    His JGP Bosphorus SP
    His JGP Bosphorus LP

    Anthony Kan CAN
    SP The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover
    LP Jesus Christ Superstar
    Anthony is 16, and is the 2012 Canadian Novice Champion. He will make his ISU Junior debut here in Chemnitz
    Anthony has no ISU biography at this time.
    Golden Skate did a feature interview with Anthony in July
    He has always been coached by Tracey Wainman and 1989 Worlds bronze medalist Grzegorz Filipowski.
    Kan competed at Skate Detroit this past summer, finishing third, and later in the summer at Thornhill at the Figure
    Skating Boutique Summer Skate, where he won the Junior division with a score of 150.79, ahead of Roman Sandovsky6.
    His novice free skate at Canadian Championships to Jesus Christ Superstar:

    Alexander Schöpke GER
    SP Charlie Chaplin
    LP Plan B by Brian Tyler; The Whole Nine Yards (soundtrack) by Randy Edelman
    Alexander's coach is Ilona Schindle, and his choreographer is Iwo Svec. He is 18.
    He placed second in juniors at the last German championship. He also won the 2012 Nesquik cup.
    He made his first JGP appearance at Sencila-Bled, where he finished eleventh with a score of 146.77 his new personal best.
    Here is a video from four years ago of Alexander skating and ice dancing
    Alexander's SP from JGP 2012 Sencila-Bled
    Alexander's LP from JGP 2012 Sencila-Bled

    Matthias Versluis FIN
    SP Infiltrado by Bajofond; Grand Guignol by Bajofond
    LP Two Weeks Notice (soundtrack) by John Powell
    His coaches are Virpi Horttana and Oleg Vasiliev. His choreographers are Pasquale Camerlengo, Tamara Selin, & Oleg Vasiliev. Matthias is 18.
    He is the Finnish silver medallist in Senior Men. He finished twenty first at the World Junior Championship with a score of 143.20, his personal best.
    His short program in Seniors at the 2012 Nordics, where he placed fifth.
    Matthias finished thirteenth at JGP Austria with a score of 133.26.
    His SP From JGP Austria
    His LP from JGP Austria

    Victor Bustamante ESP
    SP Dance Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP The Mission (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    He is coached by Carolina Sanz, Ivan Saez, J. Lafarga, & Y. Canton, and his choreographer is: Ivan Saez
    Last year he was 15th at the World Junior Championships. He is the reigning National Junior champion of Spain.
    His FD from JGP Austria 2011.
    Victor's SP from JGP Courchevel, where he finished twelfth with a score of 132.83, a new personal best.
    His LP from JGP Courchevel

    Nicola Todeschini SUI
    SP The Artist (soundtrack) Ludovic Bource
    LP Sexbomb (soundtrack) by Andy Caine; Car Wash (soundtrack) by Andy Caine; In the Libary (soundtrack) by Marius Vries
    Nicola's coaches are Myriam Loriol-Oberwiler & Philippe Pelissier. His choreographers are Stephanie Ferrer-Pelissier (SP) & Joelle Muller(FS). He is 15.
    He earned his best score of 128.98 at the Youth Olympic Games in Juniors, where he finished tenth..
    Nicola's free skate at The Challenge Cup in juniors, where he finished fifth.
    He earned a score of 130.91, a new personal best, at 2012 JGP Austria, and placed fourteenth there.
    Nicola's SP from JGP Austria 2012
    Nicola's LP from JGP Austria 2012

    Kamil Dymowski POL
    Kamil's ISU biography has not been updated this year.
    His coach is Iwona Mydlarz-Chruscinska, and his choreographer is Sarkis Tewanian. He is 17.
    He placed third at Ice Challenge of Graz in 2011, and second at Warsaw Cup 2011.
    Kamil achieved his personal best score of 128.77 at JGP Bosphorus 2012, where he finished twelfth.
    He placed third in Seniors at his national championships.
    His SP at JGP Bosphorus
    His LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Antonio Panfili ITA
    SP Casanova (soundtrack) by Alexandre Desplat
    LP Sing Sing Sing by Louis Prima
    Antonio is coached by Claudia Masoero & Edoardo de Bernardis; his Choreographer is Edoardo de Bernardis. He will be 18 in December
    Antonio finished second at the 2012 Italian Junior Championships with a score of 125.97
    He finished third at the Dragon Trophy in 2011.
    JGP Bosphorus, where he finished sixteenth with a score 128.05, was his first JGP appearance.
    His LP from the Val Gardena Spring Trophy 2012, where he finished fifth in the senior men's division with a score of 137.07.
    Antonio's SP from Sencila-Bled JGP
    Antonio's LP from Sencila-Bled JGP

    Charlie Parry-Evans GBR
    SP Cry Me a River by Arthur Hamilton
    LP Theme from Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
    Charlie is 17. His coaches are Joy Sutcliffe & Gurgen Vardanjan, and his choreographer is Jeranak Ipakjan.
    He recently competed at JGP Bosphorus, where he earned his personal best score of 118.44, and placed seventeenth.
    He earned the sixth place at the British National Championships in juniors.
    He won the bronze medal in juniors at the Triglav Trophy this last spring.
    Charlie's SP from JGP Bosphorus
    Charlie's LP from JGP Bosphorus

    Jack Newberry GBR
    SP Hugo (soundtrack) by Howard Shore
    LP How To Train Your Dragon (soundtrack) by John Powell
    Jack's Coach is Christian Newberry, his father; his Choreographers are Slava Uchitel (SP) & Christian Newberry (FS), his mother. He is 17.
    He placed third at British Junior Nationals, and competed on the JGP last year.
    Here's Jack's SP from Tallinn
    Jack competed at Liberty this summer, where he finished fourth in the LP, with a score of 90.63.
    He finished tenth at JGP 2012 Lake Placid with a total score of 135.89, which is a great improvement over his former personal best of 117.54 at JGP Tallinn is 2011.
    Jack's SP at JGP Lake Placid
    Jack's LP at JGP Lake Placid

    Slavik Hayrapetyan ARM
    SP Jewish Folk Music
    LP Armenian Both by A. Gevorgian
    His coach is Samvel Hayrapetyan, and his choreographer is Alla Famichova. He is 16.
    He earned his personal best score of 128.97 at JGP Brasov 2011, where he finished fourteenth. He finished seventh in juniors at Nordics, and is the Armenian senior national champion. He competed at world juniors and finished twenty sixth. He was twenty-eigth at Europeans, and did not survive out of the preliminary rounds at Worlds.
    Slavik hails from a skating family. He is coached by his father and his brother Sarkis (four years older) is also a competitive figure skater and competed at the 2008 and 2009 World Junior Figure Skating Championships.
    His LP from JGP Brasov:
    LP 2011 JGP Tallinn
    Slavik was scheduled to skate at JGP Croatia, but withdrew prior to the SP.

    Marco Zakouril CZE4
    SP Resident Evil (soundtrack)
    LP Saw (soundtrack)
    Marco e is 19. His coaches are Juraj Sviatko & Tomas Morbacher. His choreographer is Darina Mlynarcikova
    His personal best score is 116.32 from the competition at JGP Trofee West Lombardi where he finished sixteenth.
    He finished third in Juniors at his most recent national championshis.
    LP JGP Brisbane 2011

    Armen Agaian GEO
    SP The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber (information from 2011/12 season)
    LP Gladiator (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer (information from 2011/12 season)
    Armen is 16. His coach is Marina Japaridze, and his choreographer is Olga Mchelidze
    Armen apparently updated other information on his ISU biography, but did not change his program listing, which resulted in the disclaimer above.
    He recently achieved his personal best total score at JGP Bosphorus, scoring 112.81points, and finishing twentieth. He skated at Junior Worlds but did not make it out of the preliminary round.
    Armen's SP from JGP Bosphorus 2012
    Armen's LP from JGP Bosphorus 2012

    Jordan Dodds AUS
    SP Jealousy Tango by J. Gade
    LP Romeo and Juliet by Craig Armstrong; Escape by Craig Armstrong
    His coach & choreographer is Maragaret Nicholls. He will turn 19 by Halloween.
    He was 15th at Cup of Nice
    Jordan also competes in pairs for Australia, but not here in Chemnitz.
    At JGP Lake Placid, Dodds place fifteenth with a score of 108.77.
    2012 JGP Lake Placid Short Program
    2012 JGP Lake Placid Free Program

    Daniel Albert Naurits EST
    Daniel's ISU profile has not been updated this year.
    His coaches is Irina Kononova, and his choreographer: is Natalija Janovskaja. He is 14.
    Naurits recently finished sixth in Juniors at Ice Star of Minsk
    He is also the men's junior champion of Estonia for the 2011-2012 season. He competed at the World Junior Championships, where he finished twenty-ninth.
    His best ever personal score was earned at JGP Tallinn in 2010. It is 96.02 . He was fifth in juniors recently at Ice Star Minsk.
    His LP at JGP Tallinn 2011, where he finished seventeenth.

    Abish Baytkanov KAZ
    SP From Paris With Love
    LP Windtalkers (soundtrack) by James Horner
    Abish's coaches are Natalia Popova & Danil Markelov. Abish is 17.
    His previous best score of 77.76 was earned at JGP Volvo Cup in 2011.
    His SP from that event:
    He just finished competing at JGP Sencila-Bled, where he scored 86.32new personal best, and placed twenty-sixth.
    His SP from JGP Sencila-Bled
    His LP from JGP Sencila-Bled

    Thomas Kennes NED
    Has no ISU biography.
    He is the current junior champion of the Netherlands. He scored 108.73.
    His SP from NRW Trophy 2011 in Juniors (he withdraw from the LP there)
    Thomas' LP from Challenge Skate at the Hague in the spring of 2012, where he finished ninth with a score of 98.84.

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