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Pangtongfan, I love YuNa, but i'm curious as to how you arrive at 40% odds for her (so much better odds than anyone else on your list) after her 2+ years away from competitive skating. Have we seen her do enough recently to make the outcome so sure? Of course I'd love to see her do well, but at this point, is enough evidence in to give us such a good picture of YuNa as compared to everyone else?

As for Mao, I just cross my fingers and hope. Since YuNa already has a gold, this time around I want Mao to experience that for herself. If it's a matter of gaining additional power, surely she can improve her conditioning. This is a determined kid, and I don't think we've ever seen her go after something halfheartedly. I so love her style and artistry, and she also has the toughness of temperament that several of the current champions seem to lack.

I totally agree with everything you have said, I also hope that Mao will be the one to get the gold medal in 2014, knowing how hard she has and still works for it, and how much she has sacrificed to get.
if I had to make any odds I think the odds for kim would be rather slim, when I think of her two last outings and what she delivered there, add the two seasons where she practically was not competing make her chances even smaller. but everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

18 month from now is a long time, anything can happen until then, things can change very fast from now on, but right now Mao would be the skater i would put my money on. Remember she is the same skater who with her determination went from having a shaky start to the season, to be the first woman to land 3 3A at 2010 4cc, 2010 olympics, and 2010 worlds if this determination doesn't give one shivers i don't know what would give!