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It is very true that Mao has not been very clean in a lot of performances but almost always that had to with 3A failure. Not at the 2010 Olympics though. That was all because of her popping a 3T into a 1T. She has expanded the number of non axel triples she is doing. Yuna will probably have both flip and lutz and clean flip and lutzs with no edge calls like Mao. If Yuna singles a jump that is usally a pathway for a Mao victory over Yuna but if that happens it is not the 3A that allowed Mao to beat Yuna if I remember the scores correctly.
The only competition Mao has ever beaten Yu Na in without a triple axel was the 2008 Worlds where Yu Na was injured and skated so badly that a 5 mistake Kostner finished above her (and nearly beat Mao).