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Please, Kim had atleast 3 significant errors over the two programs, Ando had only 1. In the short Kim didnt do her intended 3/3, practically fell on her triple lutz and still beat a clean Ando. Ando's LP was cleverly constructed to get a very high TES base value, and Kim still had more mistakes, and higher GOE on her successful elements. In general Kim's overall performances were about 55% of her Vancouver level and 70% of her normal pre Vancouver level. That same year Miki was beating Asada even when she skated very well with the triple axel (eg- Nationals and Four Continents).
Do I understand correctly that you consider Yuna's performance in 2011 Worlds as "bombing"? And yes, I am aware that Miki beat Mao that season, but this fact has nothing to do with what I said. I hope she will improve and skate better than she did 2 years ago. This means fix under-rotations and stop popping the jumps. If she starts doing that, she won't need 3A, and I believe this goal is within her reach.