Well I do see potential in Mao but counting against her is that she has had two full seasons to correct her jumping issues AND OR get the triple axel. This is not a puberty issue at this point. i appreciate she had to deal with her mom's death, sadly many of us have to deal with such tragedies, I know she has tonnes of fans who adore her but if we step away we can see the potential; however, one has to wonder - has she really made any strives over the last few years. ARtistically - probably not. Spins - same. Jumps no real huge improvement. Even outfits not huge strives there either - but relatively little impact too I am sure some or many will disagree. Don't get me wrong I like Mao a lot but I am just trying to be objective. Still I do believe for some reason she could pull off Oly gold - just not as strong of a ping as before.