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    JGP Chemnitz 2012 Ladies Preview

    This is sort of an intermediate view rather than a preview, since several skaters have already competed in the Short program.

    However, since the bios are done, I'm posting them. I was particularly interested myself to find out about the very young ISU program in Argentina. Getting a country started in skating is not easy.

    Maria Andrea An ARG
    Maria does not have an ISU biography at this time.
    A video of her skating at the 2010 Argentine championships
    A group of skaters from Argentina made a trek to Skate Milwaukee in 2011, mostly in order to see what an ISU sized rink and training facilities looked like. All them were training on ice about one quarter the size of an Olympic rink. A newspaper report
    Here's report from a sports video channel, showing some of the skaters, mostly without identification.
    Maria was one of these skaters. She earned a score of 45.79, placing ninth overall in her group in Intermediates.

    Sabrina Schulz AUT
    SP Far Away by Apocalyptica Music
    LP Feeling Good peformed by Escala
    Sabrina's coach is Iva Zvachtova. The eighteen year old's choreographers are Veronika Moravkova, Gabriela Hraska.
    Sabrina finished second in the Dragon Trophy 2012 in Ljubljana. She is the reigning Austrian Junior Champion. Last year, she competed at Junior Worlds, and finished twenty-fourth. She scored her personal best there, 104.53.
    Her SP from JGP Brasov last season:
    Schulz skated at JGP Sencila-Bled, scoring 108.90, and placing sixteenth, a new personal best for her.
    Her LP at JGP Sencila-Bled

    Daniela Stoeva BUL
    Daniela's ISU biography has not been updated this year. The nineteen year old's coach is Daniela Velichkova, and her Choreographer is Sofia Angelova.
    Her personal best score of 78.90 was achieved at 2010 JGP Czech Skate. The Junior Champion of Czech Republic finished twenty-fourth at Junior Worlds last season.
    Her SP from JGP Chemnitz (it has just started)

    Gabrielle Daleman CAN
    SP Avatar (soundtrack) by James Horner
    LP Piano Trio Opus 90 Dumky by A. Dvorak
    Gabrielle is coached by Anderi Berezintsev & Inga Zusev. The fourteen year old's choreography is done by Andrei Berezintsev & Lori Nichols.
    Her personal best score was achieved at JGP Austria 2012 where she finished sixth with a score of 139.77
    The Canadian junior champion for 2011-2012 won the silver medal at the International Challenge Cup 2012 at the Hague.
    Her LP from JGP Austria 2012

    Elizaveta Ukolova CZE
    SP A Comme Amour by Paul de Senneville, performed by Richard Clayderman
    LP Swing Kids (soundtrack) by James Horner; Autumn Leaves by Kosma
    Her coach is Barbora Koskova and her choreographer is Igor Tchiniaev. She is 14.
    Her former best ever score of 110.97 was earned at last year's World Junior Championships, where she finished in twenty second place. She is the Czech junior champion.
    Her SP from the 2011 NRW Trophy
    Elizaveta placed eighth at JGP Bosphorus with a score of 117.52, a new personal best.
    Elizaveta's LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Gerli Liinamäe EST
    SP Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens
    LP Palladio performed by Escala
    Gerli, who is 17, is coached by Tiiu Valgemäe. Her choreographer is Olga Volozhinskaia. She is the Senior Estonian Ladies' champion. She finished fourteenth at last year's Junior Worlds. She finished fourth at both her JGP assignments last year.
    Her personal best score, achieved at the 2011 JGP Tallinn Cup, is 140.30.
    Her SP from JGP Tallinn
    Gerlie finished sixth at JGP Bosphorus with a score of 127.18.
    Gerli's LP at JGP Bosphorus

    Seidi Rantanen FIN
    SP Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddy Mercury
    LP Water for the Tribe by Keiko Matsui
    The seventeen year old is coached by the team of Virpi Horttana, Henna Hietala, & Elina Ikonen. Her choreography is done by Maria McLean & Sari Hakola.
    Seidi won The Nordics in Juniors this past season, and finished fourth in juniors at the International Challenge Cup at the Hague.
    The fourth place finisher at the Finnish Senior Championships placed sixteenth at JGP Austria 2012 with a personal best score of 102.51.
    Seidi SP at JGP Austria:

    Lenaelle Gilleron-Gorry FRA
    Lenaelle is 17. Her coaches are Didier and Claudine Lucine, S. Golaz and A. Berthet. Her choreographer is Merovee Ephrem. Her ISU biography has not been updated, so I do not have a listing of what music she is using. Her best ever score is 120.78, scored at 2010 JGP Courchevel. Lenaelle finished third in Seniors at the last French championships. She finished third at the Triglav Trophy this spring.
    Her SP at Junior Worlds last year, where she finished twenty seventh overall.
    Gilleron-Gorry earned a score of 117.03 to place ninth at JGP Bosphorus 2012 recently..
    Her SP at JGP Chemnitz (it just started)

    Lutricia Bock GER
    She has not updated her ISU biography this year.
    Lutricia finished fourteenth in Juniors at the most recent German championships.
    She has not filed any information in her ISU biography.
    Lutricia competed in Advanced Novices at NRW trophy last year. Here is her LP

    Maria-Katharina Herceg GER
    She has not updated her ISU biography this year.
    She is the Junior Silver Medallist of Germany and won the Bavarian Open this spring.
    Here is her SP at JGP Chemnitz

    Nathalie Weinzierl GER
    SP Exodus performed by Maksim Mrvica Music
    LP Havana by Dave Grusin
    She is 18.
    Her score at 2012 Europeans was her ISU personal best score. It was 115.89
    Nathalie won the Bavarian Open 2012. She placed sixth in Seniors at German Championships.
    Here's Nathalie's LP from the NRW Trophy, where she scored a total of 134.6, competing in Seniors.
    Nathalie finished ninth at JGP Austria 2012 with a score of 134.90, which was a new personal best. She soon eclipsed that mark when she competed recently at the 2012 Nebelhorn Trophy, finishing seventh in seniors with a score of 142.96, her new personal best.
    Her LP from Nebelhorn
    Nathalie skated in the Exhibition at Nebelhorn Trophy

    Amani Fancy GBR
    Amani does not currently have an ISU biography. She is 15 years old, and has trained in Oberstdorf at the Ice Dome Summer sessions. She finished third in Junior Ladies at the 2011-2012 British Figure Skating Championships
    She won the 2011 Bavarian Open in Juniors.with a score of 104.80. She has also competed in Ice Dance. This year she placed fourth, with a score of 104.70, in juniors at the Bavian Open, after a ninth place performance in the short program
    Amani competed at the International Challenge Cup at the Hague this last spring, finishing seventh with a score of 103.80
    A video is here:
    She participated in the Musicals on Ice show in Oberstdorf recently, performing to "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady:

    Isabella Schuster GRE
    SP Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) by Ennio Morricone
    LP Romeo and Juliet by Petr I. Tchaikovski
    The Greek senior champion is coached by Evelyn Rossoukhi-Schneider & Peter Jonas, and herc horeographer: isChika Maruta, Natascha Devisch. She will turn seventeen later this month.
    Her personal best score of 82.04 was earned in 2011 at Trofeo W. Lombardi JGP. She competed at the World Junior Championships last season but did not survive the preliminary round. Most recently, she placed seventh in Juniors at the Bavarian Open.
    Her LP from Trofeo W. Lombardi JGP

    Julia Gretarsdottir ISL
    Her ISU biography is a completely blank page.
    She competed at Nordics in Novices in 2011. Here is her LP

    Giada Russo ITA
    Giada has not updated her ISU biography this year. She is 15.
    She won the Spring Cup of Luxembourg this year in Juniors, and placed third at the Challenge Cup at the Hague. She is the junior champion of Itay.
    Her LP from Challenge Cup

    Miyabi Oba JPN
    SP Tempest by Gaetano Pugnami, Fritz Kreisler
    LP The Firebird by Igor Stravinski
    Miyabi is 16. Her coach is Yuko Monna. Her choreographer is Kenji Miyamoto. She is 17.
    Her best ever score, achieved at the 2011 World Junior Championships, is 148.62. She placed fifth at the Japanese Junior Championships.
    Her LP from 2011 Chubu Regionals
    A Japanese 3 minutes news program about her
    Miyabi finished fourth at JGP Bosphorus with a score of 138.53
    Her LP from JGP Bosphorus

    Miu Sato JPN
    SP Silent Jealousy
    LP Cinderella
    Machiko Yamada & Mihoko Higuchi are both her coaches and her choro. Miu is 15.
    Mio was fifth at Japanese Seniors Nationals last season with a score of
    Her Long Program from Junior Worlds, where she placed twelfth. Her best score of 141.52 was earned at JGP Austria 2011.
    Miu finished fifth at JGP Sencila-Bled with a score of 134.48.
    Her LP from JGP Sencila Bled

    Michelle Quintero MEX
    SP Vuelvo al Sur by Gotan Project
    LP Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone
    Her coach & choreographer is Julia Chelenkova. She just had her eighteenth birthday. She is the 2011-2012 Mexican Junior Champion. She competed last season at the World JUnior Championships, but did not survive the preliminary round.
    Michelle's personal best score of 74.76 was earned at JGP Austria 2011, where she placed twenty-eighth..
    Her LP from JGP Austria 2011

    Marai-Erdene Gansukh MGL
    SP Reveil from Ciqrue du Soleil by Benoit Jutras; Incantation from Ciqrue du Soleil by Benoit Jutras
    LP Jupiter (from "The Planets") by Gustav Holst, performed by Eugene Ormandy
    Marai-Erdene trains in Japan with Hiroshi Nagakubo & Yoriko Kikegawa. Her choreographers are Yuko Hongo & Miho Kawaume.
    "Gansukh is the first figure skater to represent Mongolia at an ISU Championship (2011 World Junior Championships). She has moved with her family to Japan when she was five years old. Gansukh lists also Yuko Hongo and Miho Kawaume as her coaches." - from her ISU biography She did not survive the preliminary round.
    Her best ever score of 58.33 was earned at JGP Tallinn 2011. She finished seventeenth this summer at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy 2012.
    Her LP from JGP Tallinn Cup 2011

    Joyce Den Hollander NED
    SP Take Five by Dave Brubek
    LP Batman Dark Knight (soundtrack)
    Her choreographer is Susan Kramer, and her coach is Corrie Broweleit
    She placed fourth in seniors at the 2011-2012 Dutch Championships. She is 18.
    Her best ever score of 95.17 was earned at 2011 JGP Tallinn. She finished eighteenth at the Spring Cup of Luxembourg 2012.
    Her LP from JGP Tallinn 2012

    Anne Line Gjersem NOR
    SP Hey Pachuco (from "The Mask" soundtrack)
    LP Danse Macabre by Camille St.-Saens
    Anne Line is 18. Her coaches are Ela Magnusson & Laco Vince. Her choreographer is Salome Brunner.
    Her former best ever score was 108.63, achieved on the JGP in 2008. She is the current Norwegian bronze medallist in Seniors. She finished seventh this spring at the Gardena Spring trophy. Her twin sister is also competing on the JGP circuit this year.
    Her free skate from the 2012 International Challenge Cup in The Hague.
    Anne Line placed tenth at JGP Bosphorus 2012 with a score of 115.48, a new personal best.
    Her LP from JGP Bosphorus

    Yeun Su Lee KOR
    Her ISU biography is a blank page.
    A kind poster send me these Korean links to her programs!

    Kyeongwon Park KOR
    Her ISU biography is a blank page. The same poster sent these links as well!
    She performs her LP in April 2012

    Anna Pogorilaya RUS
    SP Middle Eastern themes
    LP Faust by Gounod (Walpurgis Night)
    There is no information on her ISU biography, but AlexRus has supplied us with the following information about Anna:
    Anna is 14. Her coach is Anna Tzareva (Moscow, SDUSHOR 37).

    Her first national level competition season was2008/09 (Mar 2009) Zhuk-Y, where she earned 2nd place (Radionova was 1st, Shershak 3rd).
    In Season 2011/12 - RusYunNat 13th, RusNat(Elder Age) 3rd. Scores in season 140-145.
    Season 2012/13 - Open Moscow Championship - 2nd place score 152.44 (Junior), her score was 11,06 higher than Zaseeva.
    She has all five triples, and her combos are 3T+3T(SP) 2A+3T+2T(LP). Spins 4 level, StSq 3 level (at most).
    She is a member of Team Russia in the 2012/13 season.

    Photos (many photos prevoious seasons)
    Open Moscow Championship (click on photo to next photo)

    FS sep 2012
    SP feb 2012
    FS feb 2012
    FS apr 2009
    Anna won the bronze medal at JGP Croatia with a score of 145.54, which is now her personal best.
    Her SP at JGP Croatia

    Maria Stavitskaia RUS
    Maria just turned 15.
    Maria's ISU biography has not been updated.
    She won the Cup of Nice in Juniors last year.
    She finished sixth at the Tallinn JGP with her personal best international score of 130.92.
    She finished tenth at the Russian Junior Championships with a score of 146.80.
    She did very well this month at the Russian Cup Test Skate in St. Petersburg, winning the short program in Juniors.
    Her LP from Russian Junior Championships last December, where she finished eighteenth & last in Seniors.
    She competed at JGP Austria 2012, where she finished seventh with a score of 136.71, a new ISU personal best for her.
    Her SP at JGP Austria 2012

    Monika Simancikova SVK
    SP Tango de Amor (from The Addams Family soundtrack by Andrew Lippa)
    LP Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
    Monika's Coach: is Vladimir Dvojnikov, and her Choreographer is Raffaella Cazzaniga. She is 16
    She finished fifteenth at last year's World Junior Championships. She is the Senior Slovak Champion.
    Her personal best was earned at Europeans 2012. It was 136.79.
    Monika's SP at Europeans 2012, where she finished fourteenth.
    Monika earned a score of 120.33 at JGP Austria 2012 byplacing eleventh.
    Her SP from JGP Austria

    Elena Mangas ESP
    SP Khorobushka performed by Bond
    LP O Verona (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong; Kissing You (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong; Art of War by Vanessa Mae
    She is 16, and is coached by Jonathan Levers, Yon Garcia, & Olga Estepanova, whom she also lists as her choreographers.
    Her personal best score of 93.54 was earned at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011. The Spanish Junior National Champion competed at the World Junior Championships last season, but did not make it out of the preliminary round. She finished sixth at the Triglav Trophy this last spring.
    Elena's at JGP Trofeo W. Lombardi 2011

    Natasja Remstedt SWE
    Natasja has not updated her ISU biography this year. She is 18.
    Natasje finished thirteenth at Nordics in juniors, and eleventh in juniors at the International Challenge Cup 2012 at the Hague. She placed fifth in Juniors at her national championships.
    Her SP at The Nordics

    Samantha Cesario USA
    SP Carmen Fantasie by David Garrett
    LP Black Swan soundtrack by Clint Mansell
    Her coach is Mary Lynn Geldermann & her Choreographer is Inese Buciveca. She is 19, and lost a great deal of last season due to injuries.
    Her ISU personal best of 153.84 was achieved at Baltic Cup 2011, where she finished third. She also finished third at JGP Tallinn last year.
    HerSenior LP from Liberty Summer competition 2012. She won the LP with a score of 103.68 She won the SP with a score of 54.55 (total 158.23)
    Samantha won the bronze medal at JGP Bosphorus with a score of 157.72.
    Her LP at JGP Austria 2012

    Leah Keiser USA
    SP Intro and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille St.-Saens
    LP Seasons by Alexander Glazunov
    Her coaches are John Nicks & Christa Fassi. Her choreographer is Lori Nichol. She is 15.
    She finished twelfth in Seniors at the US Championships last season. She also won the International Challenge Cup at the Hague in Seniors last season. This is her first JGP appearance.
    Her LP from last year's Pacific Coast competition
    Leah won JGP Bosphorus 2012 with a score of 156.33, her personal best.
    Her LP at JGP Bosphorus 2012
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