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    Time to bump this up, since two of the 'other men' competed at Skate Canada - Eladj Baldé and Liam Firus. Eladj skated well in the short program, where he met the ISU technical requirements standard for Worlds, and less well in the long program, where he missed the ISU long program standard by about 4 points. His skates met the ISU technical 4CC standards in both the short and long programs, however. Liam had already met the ISU long program standard for 4CC at Salt Lake City, but not the short program standard. He made that here. (He probably met that standard last season already. I haven't checked). He did not meet the Worlds technical standard in either the short or the long program.

    Right now for the 'other men' that have skated internationally this season the ranking by scores is (leaving out Patrick Chan):
    1. Eladj Baldé 199.94 (Skate Canada)
    2. Andrei Rogozine 196.27 (Nebelhorn)
    3. Kevin Reynolds 192.12 (Ondrej Nepala)
    4. Jeremy Ten 172.96 (Salt Lake City)
    5. Liam Firus 169.67 (Skate Canada)

    All of these men, plus Patrick Chan, have met the ISU 4CC technical standard. However, only three men have met the Worlds standard: Patrick Chan, Kevin Reynolds (last season) and Andrei Rogozine. I suppose if Eladj, Jeremy or Liam make the podium at Canadians, they would still have a chance to meet the ISU standard at 4CC or at one of the other Senior Bs.

    (and I suppose we could throw in Nam Nguyen at 171.56, from JGP Istanbul, although he's been skating on the junior circuit and would not be eligible for 4CC because of age, I believe).
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