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Thread: JGP Ice Dance - Free Dance

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    JGP Ice Dance - Free Dance

    This is going to start in a few minutes.

    Live results page:

    Starting Order

    12 31.49
    2 Jana CEJKOVA / Alexandr SINICYN CZE
    10 38.67
    3 Viviane ROSCHER / Kevin GASSNER GER
    11 34.52
    4 Victoria-Laura LOHMUS / Andrei DAVODOV EST
    13 26.11
    Warm-Up Group 2
    8 41.78
    6 Lisa ENDERLEIN / Hendrik HILPERT GER
    7 41.86
    9 40.94
    8 Marieve CYR / Benjamin BRISEBOIS GAUDREAU CAN
    6 43.40
    Warm-Up Group 3
    9 Kaitlin HAWAYEK / Jean-Luc BAKER USA
    2 58.66
    10 Noa BRUSER / Timothy LUM CAN
    3 50.84
    11 Daria MOROZOVA / Mikhail ZHIRNOV RUS
    4 50.33
    12 Cagla DEMIRSAL / Berk AKALIN TUR
    5 49.64
    13 Alexandra STEPANOVA / Ivan BUKIN RUS
    1 60.28

    I hope Cagla and Berk will skate well again, and may be climb up for the bronze medal.

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    1. Alexandra STEPANOVA & Ivan BUKIN (RUS) - 147.10
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    2. Kaitlin HAWAYEK & Jean-Luc BAKER (USA) - 138.61
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    3. Daria MOROZOVA & Mikhail ZHIRNOV (RUS) - 124.41
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    4. Noa BRUSER & Timothy LUM (CAN) - 117.39
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    5. Cagla DEMIRSAL & Berk AKALIN (TUR) - 107.44
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    6. Anastasia CHIRIYATYEVA & Sergei SHEVCHENKO (UKR) - 107.20
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    7. Marieve CYR & Benjamin BRISEBOIS GAUDREAU (CAN) - 106.58
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    8. Jana CEJKOVA & Alexandr SINICYN (CZE) - 96.69
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    9. Lisa ENDERLEIN & Hendrik HILPERT (GER) - 95.70
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    10. Ria SCHIFFNER & Julian SALATZKI (GER) - 94.20
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    11. Viviane ROSCHER & Kevin GASSNER (GER) - 90.19
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    12. Eugenia TKACHENKA & Yuri GULITSKI (BLR) - 84.52
    Short Dance, Free Dance
    13. Victoria-Laura LOHMUS & Andrei DAVODOV (EST) - 71.87
    Short Dance, Free Dance

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    Stepanova & Bukin first
    Bolero, a new arrangement
    twizzles have that off balance/off axis look
    droning sounds
    with flamenco wood heel sounds and Arabic (pseudo Arabic?) singing
    the first lift is very dramatic with him doing arm motions in it
    finally bolero
    with clicks & pops and a drum machine
    nice spin with unusual variations
    smooth entry 2nd lift

    her leg around his neck in rotational lift. He picks her up in a Biellmann and flips the loop formed by her leg & arm over his head. This is a "and how did you get there" kind of lift.
    The choreo lift is cool ( jumps & kicks in final steps)

    Hawayek & Baker finished second! Skating to Singing in the Rain.
    animated, blithe, bouncy, Wow, that's how to skate to a movie musical
    You'd think these kids had been together for years.
    Great story-telling, great timing, just great over all
    Except the spin.problems with the transition to the other foot, leading to not getting credit for the second half of the spin.
    Two worries about the team. He's short. . They have come a long long way since just June!! The other is that he might not grow or she will. I hope they can stay together

    3rd Morosova & Zhirnov skating to Tristan & Isolde
    Trouble with first lift and one step lev 2.
    In celtic pale green
    dramatic flourishing
    wonky twizzly entrance better later
    ok stumble level 2
    real nasty entrance to lift one
    they don't whip smoothly into thiese lifts
    Nice Spin. Really nice and goes with the music
    and drama in it too
    rotational lift starts well bvut has awkward exit
    this boy is not as good as the girl
    he does not have secure feet in lifts
    curved lift is verging on serpentine, and if so, not sure how it gets called.

    4th overall Bruser & Lum skating to Pirates of the Caribbean
    Interruption in excess: -1.00 Falls: -2.00 Dressed like the movie
    swashbuckling, daring, exuberant
    twizzles very fast applause
    they are pushing for speed
    And sometimes that leads to disaster, especially near the end of the program
    slow part is nice
    spin travelled and blew it in the second part
    nice energy in the final f/w sequence
    fell in a rotational lift, the typical one with the girl's leg on the guy's shoulder. She did not get her leg secure, they over balanced and both fell. Then it took quite a while for them to get reorganized and start skating again.

    Too sad for Cagla & Berk, but fifth is still a good finish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    3rd Morosova & Moroshkin skating to Tristan & Isolde
    He is Zhirnov not Moroshkin.

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    marshan, you're right

    Welcome to Golden Skate, and thank you for the correction.

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    Thanks for your comments, Doris. I completely agree with you about Hawayek/Baker. I first saw him (and liked him a lot) as an intermediate and am very glad he was able to find a new partner. I forget how old he is. I hope his growing days are not over as I noticed the size issue as well. I also noticed he is now sans ponytail. When did that happen?

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    Possibly it didn't go too well to a free dance to Singin in the Rain-
    It was missing at his first JGP assignment with Kaitlyn Hawayek.

    I really liked his skating with Joylyn-first saw them in Greensboro at Nationals. Their OD was great!

    I'm so glad he found a new partner.

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    Team Russia did amazingly well at this GP. Probably the location was some kind of extra trigger: took 10 spots from 24 (1-Men, 2- Ladies, 3- Pairs, 4- Dance). With 6 spots- to US, 3- to Japan, 3- to Canada, 2- to China, 1- to France.

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