I dont know about you but when I get to a skating event, first day of practice, I dont know Ekaterina Bobrova from Isabella Tobias. So I made up a program of cut and pasted pics and basic info I got off of icenetwork. Nothing fancy, names, pics music coaches, highlights.... but at least if I want to know who is out on the ice and want to make notes about them, I have a cheat sheet to do it on. Its a MS Word doc (1997-2003 compatible so that anyone with MS Word can read it) Send me a pm with an e-mail address if you want a copy.
All I have to do is finish up the men and it will be ready to go. Probably be done by Saturday, I hope.
BTW, for those of you still in the witness protection program, you can go to Yahoo and make up a throw-away e-mail address to use for just such correspondance with strangers (ask Doris and Paul, I am pretty strange)