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As for U&Z's 1994 FD, I go back and forth on it. If I'm watching U&Z's free dances in chronological order, I tend to like the 1994 free dance a lot more; it is different from their more intense and dramatic style, it's refreshing and I appreciate skaters who go outside their comfort zone. On the otherhand, if I'm ranking U&Z's free dances from most favorite to least favorite, that free dance is always towards the bottom of my list.
That FD was definitely a weaker one for them. I would have put them 3rd...

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No one really dominated the competition like K/P did in 1992 or G/P did in 1998.
I can't see how it's fair to objectively say G/P dominated 1998 Olympics. Their compulsory dances were weak, they had a mistake in the OP, and their FD...well, I know opinions here can be mixed, but I really think the Americans should have been 1st in that FD (and overall) and I'd also put the Canadians over G/P in the FD (although not overall).