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Thread: Article: Yuna Kim “My goal is to win Olympic tickets for Korean skaters”

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    News Article: Yuna Kim “My goal is to win Olympic tickets for Korean skaters”

    The article reveals Yuna's specific goals for her comeback, and detailed plan for the future competitions.
    She states that 4CC is not in her competition plan for this season; probably due to the conflict of schedules between 4cc and PyeongChang 2013 Special Olympics for which she is the ambassador.
    “I’m a bit worried because I took a season off… no actually I’m worried a lot (laughs). I’m working hard. I want to do my best so I can go to the Olympics with my fellow Korean skaters. I want to earn at least 2 tickets to the Games.”
    When asked “When was the most difficult time during your skating career?” she replied, “During my 16 years of skating, joy felt over a great performance or result was short-lived. The struggle starts the very next day when training resumes so I think each day is difficult.”

    Her happiest moment she recalls was “After the free skating at the Olympics just before the scores were announced. I was just happy that everything was over. I felt relieved,” she said.

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    I cant wait to see her compete again. She will make this season very interesting for the ladies...and I hope she earns a 3rd ticket to the olympics and sends it to me!

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