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Thread: 2012 Skate America Pairs SP

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    1. Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR & Maxim TRANKOV (RUS) - 65.78 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    2. Qing PANG & Jian TONG (CHN) - 61.96 Short Program
    3. Caydee DENNEY & John COUGHLIN (USA) - 60.75 Short Program
    4. Vanessa JAMES & Morgan CIPRES (FRA) - 55.76 Short Program
    5. Marissa CASTELLI & Simon SHNAPIR (USA) - 55.67 Short Program
    6. Danielle MONTALBANO & Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI (ISR) - 40.66 Short Program
    7. Gretchen DONLAN & Andrew SPEROFF (USA) - 40.54 Short Program

    Here are the protocols
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    [QUOTE=FSGMT;667511]I don't like V/T's program, it just seems unnatural for them, like if they were playing characters they do not feel at all, just acting, no real emotion... And there were a couple of technical mistakes, so 65 is even too high, for me

    i don t like this sp too..
    i think that especially trankov show too much theatralic poses ...nooo real emotions...
    V/T had lost their security in skating their elements too
    65 is tooooo much for that... sry!

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    V/T: Nothing special. They couldn't even sell the sex, and both are very attractively packaged people (moustache aside). How silly is it to do an opening presentation before the pose then break the mood they attempt to create. I hope S/S devour this, but we've seen this story before (S/P vs B/S). That said, as Maxim improved his footwork during the lifts
    P/T: Despite the mistake, a good skate. I'm a little startled - I expected them to seem a bit tired but they had attack.
    D/C: They've improved, despite the paint-by-numbers choreography. Deserved to win TES. Probably were underscored a little PCS wise
    J/C: Glad to see they'll be in the final group.

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    Moustache - I guess it should be just forbidden!. Other then that I liked VT's program. Especially the lift! It was just superb. I agree that music sounded a little bit too noisy, I hope they will fix it. B/S were great in general, I expected them to be worse for some reasons.

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    My thoughts on the top 2
    Volosozhar and Trankov's SP is awful. I hate it, and I will never like it. They can't sell the sex, and it looks extremely forced which is surprising considering that they are a couple. It's too OTT even for me. None of the elements were done particularly well either. However, I liked their steps going into the triple salchows.
    Pang and Tong's SP was enjoyable for me. Considering how old they are and how injured they are, I thought they did amazing. Anyway, Tong's knee injury makes it really hard for him to jump. I thought that they were a bit slow, but considering that they haven't been able to train much, I guess that's to be expected. I wish that they would work on her positions in the lifts. Considering that she has a nice body type with long lines, they could do so much more with the lifts.

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    Just in case- in my original post "sax" was not a typo (god bless me). It was a reference to a musical instrument "saxophone", used by a drunk musician in V/T prog.

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    Ick. Both the sax and the sex are unappealing.

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    Just got a chance to watch the short programs on YouTube. My thoughts:

    Volosozhar/Trankov. I like this program more than last year's Evanescence short. However I agree it still doesn't seem quite right for them. Honestly I feel like this pair has yet to find their identity on ice. I found myself thinking toward the end--"You know, I'd actually like to see Savchenko/Szolkowy skate this same program, I'll bet they could make it work better." But, that said, they are such lovely skaters, and really beautiful together. Max is talented & so expressive for a guy, while Tatiana has such beautiful posture and carriage. I love their reverse-entry lift. It looks incredibly difficult yet very smooth and fast.

    Pang/Tong. I liked the program. The technical elements were definitely off, but I thought the footwork and choreography looked good. I think this could be an excellent program for them by the end of the season. Hopefully by then Tong will be recovered from his injury and they'll be in better shape.

    Denney/Coughlin. Ehh, I don't think the Spanish music suits them. Obviously they're trying for a more classic pairs style to improve PCS, but I don't think it fits them. As usual with this team, I found myself getting bored during the non-jump elements. Good death spiral at the end, though--no variation, but performed well.

    James/Cipres. First time I've seen this team, they definitely have potential. I liked their footwork, unison, and connection, quite good! Their speed could improve though.

    Castelli/Shnapir. Yeah Marissa & Simon!! (I'm a local-area fan of theirs. :-)). I thought they skated really well! The music choice is unorthodox, but I think it works for them. It sort of showcases their fun, big, athletic style. I thought it was close between them and the French team. Marissa & Simon had a lot more speed than the French, and their lift was definitely better. However, the French had an edge in choreography and unison. Great to see Marissa & Simon do well in the short, hope they can keep it up in the long and perhaps sneak in for a bronze!!

    Donlan/Speroff. Very attractive team, but they seemed a little off throughout the performance. Good program though.
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    I'm finally rested from yesterday, enough to write my impressions from the rink.

    Donlan/Speroff USA
    Lady Caliph by Morricone
    Alas, not a good effort for them. She looks like she could use some training in the gym, for sure. It might help with her jump problems. The forward roll she took in the footwork is one of the strangest skating falls I've ever seen. And they were slow. Very slow. They did not get the TES to qualify them for 4CC's. They had a similar poor result in the SP at Nebelhorn, failing to achieve the requisite Tes for 4CC's there, too.

    Montalbano/Krasnopolski ISR
    Requiem for a Dream by Mansell
    Not that I needed another RFAD. Kyoko Ina is their coach..and they train in Hackensack, so the rink announcer says. I didn't know Ina was coaching, but I'm glad to see she is still involved with skating. They only did a double twist, and fell on a throw triple loop that was very tilted in the air. On the plus side, they did not get a UR for their triple salchow, which looked like it might have deserved it, and they got credit for a level 1 on the back outside death spiral. OTOH, this tech panel was very forgiving across the board, compared to how the panels were for the JGP on death spirals. This time, they achieved the qualifying TES for Europeans.

    Castelli & Shnapir USA
    Stray Cat Strut/Pink Panther
    They said they were nervous, but other than some sloppiness here and there, this was a great routine, and perhaps my favorite of the night. They both play to the crowd excellently, and the daredevil level of their elements is extraordinary. They were so close on their spins, and the crossing in the footwork that the crowd would suck in their breath all at once, and breath out only when the element was down. The 3S was so big, so unhurried in rotation, that if you didn't see the replay, you might have wondered whether it was a double. The triple twist was high, but could have used a better landing (not a chest crash, it just wasn't soft). If Marissa had not had a slow foot catch in the lift, they would be in fourth (it meant the difference Level 3 to Level 4). And level 3 for the back outside death spiral. The triple salchow was wild, but they both managed to hold on to it. Technically, they scored high enough TES to qualify for Worlds. Bravo!
    This becomes important, because D&S did not even score high enough for 4CC's. With Brubaker and partner out of it, and Evora & Ladwig retired, that second spot for Worlds is wide open. D&S were 4th, C&S 5th at US Nationals, so their TES is now of severe interest here in the USA. If you look at the Salt Lake Senior B, Zhang & Bartolomay & Davis & Ladwig scored high enough in the SP for 4CC's but not for Worlds. Vise and Baldwin did not score a high enough TES in the SP for either 4CC's or Worlds. This gives C&S a leg up on the competition for that second spot in the US. I hope they skate as well in the LP!

    James & Cipres FRA
    Rhumba d'Amour & Safri Duo; kind of an odd combination of music.
    They skated so much better than they did in practice! And hit everything. The performance was more even overall than Castelli & Shnapir, but their individual element were none of them WOW or awe inspiring. Just a very good skate with no exclamations points. Their best thing for me was their side by side jumps, not surprising, because both were competent singles skaters before becoming a pair, their weakest their death spiral, despite getting credit for level 3. As I said, it was a forgiving tech panel IMO. France is looking to have a Team medal worthy team for Sochi, especially if Meite can keep improving in ladies. They had my second favorite program of the evening.

    Denney & Coughlin USA
    Concierto de Aranjuez
    Spain by Way of Florida? Their choreographer should not have given them this program. Anything less Spanish than either of these two can hardly be imagined. However, their performance of the elements was excellent, other than that her position in lifts is still very distressing and unpleasant to look at. The only good things about the lift was that it earned level 4, and that it had a soft landing. Still, they deserved their placing.

    Pang & Tong
    Scott & Fran's Paso Doble
    I'm not surprised that Jian Tong fell on the 3T. He did not even try one in practice, and you could tell his leg was not right. Still, they were so much more in tune with the music, and despite not looking Spanish, gave a much better interpretation of Spanish themed music than Denney & Coughlin, that that alone would justify P&T's higher PCS. In fact, as a program, it was the best program of the night. I hope they heal up quickly and that their performance and their next event is perfect. Their intricate lift (although I am still not crazy about her position in a star position) and death spiral were particularly good. Of course, the SBS jump was the low point.

    Volosozhar & Trankov RUS
    Godfather soundtrack
    May I say that the only people at the rink who I am sure disliked this program more than I do were Tatiana & Maxim? I think they should ditch it. I think that's why they have problems performing it cleanly. The first three skills (twist, jump, throw) all were a bit rocky, particularly the triple salcow, that Maxim rotated out of because he was short of rotation. Again, it was a forgiving tech panel. Their best thing was the lift.
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    So I did my report on the men's from the competition for the men; here my thoughts on the pairs:
    V/T - Love Tania's dress, didn't care for the performance. Seeing them live I can see they have a margin with their speed, lines -- but this program was eh .Too many little mistakes -- I felt they were bit gifted on the death spiral -- I would had it at a level 1. The whole sexy mobster thing didn't really work for me either.

    P/T One of my three favorite couples last night. They made a bunch of errors too, but their program is well put together and that lift, was So beautiful and well done. Would have given them more GOE for that. Pang did seem a bit under the weather, but they got it together for the most part.

    D/C got the elements done nicely-- jumps were clean -- so their TES win is deserved. But the program didn't do a whole lot for me...I think they would work better doing more powerful music rather than being put into these elegance boxes.

    J/C was also one of my favorites. Their program suited them and they had a solid performance. Wasn't sure of the mix of music, but somehow it worked.

    C/S was my favorite out of the Americans. They performed their heart out and they were so daring with their elements -- they were so close in their SBS that I was afraid of another Dube blade incident. So happy they did well last night!

    D/S were a bit of a disappointment given the talk they get here. They are a couple from my view that looks better on tv than live. Yes they are elegant and have nice lines, but they were so slow on the ice and all the mistakes really deflated the program.

    M/K was ok. Despite D/S mistakes, would have them behind them. They made some errors and they lacked some of the refinement of D/S and wasn't that fast.

    So from the arena, 2nd, 4th and 5th gets the win in my book. I'd say the placements were right! Though I would have a smaller margin between 1st and 2nd.

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    Thanks so much for the first-hand reports!!!!

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    Thanks to everyone who reported after watching the event live in the arena. In all SA threads.

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