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It’s not any specific program, it’s the overall style Kozuka tried to imitate. Takahashi has skated to several sexy edgy programs and the judges liked them. Kozuka tried to imitate that sexy edgy style in his Innur Urge, Soul Man, and Bold as Love programs but failed because he never had the required showmanship. Yuzru tried the sexy edgy style for the first time and made it work.

First of all I do think Yuzru should have a four-point PCS lead over Kozuka because Yuzru’s transitions, ice coverage, and presentation were all so much better. But if we want to mark Yuzru down on PCS just to make some skaters’ fans happy, then we better be fair on TES first. Kozuka should have gotten a -3 for no steps preceding the 4T, which would make it something like 92 vs. 86, still 6 points lead.
I agree: I like Kozuka's flow and gentleness on the ice, but I usually find his music boring, and, now that he has a good one, he wastes it with the usual interpretation, I would really like to see him having fun on the ice, at least once in his career! Except this, he landed his jumps and skated a good program, so he deserved 85, nothing more for me. But Hanyu, he's just I simply love him, his program, the energy he has and the easiness that you can see all through the program, you can see him landing a quad like "it's not difficult", it makes you want to put on your skates and try it! Yes, 95 is what he deserves!