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Thread: How good is Hanyu?

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    I am really impressed. I originally thought that Orser was not going to be a good coach for Hanyu, and I was not totally impressed with the direction he appeared to be taking with his exhibition skates in the off season. Looking back, I am sorry for many of my previous blogs that were critical. I have never had any doubt since last year's worlds, however, that Hanyu has it in him to be the greatest skater of our lifetime. He may even be the best (he is "crazy good") now, but this I am sure of: He is going to get even better. And for right now, Orser seems to be doing something right and Hanyu is really making fantastic improvements where he has to. He is pacing himself better and he is becoming more consistent. And he can now skate a great short program (which I always thought was his weaker program competitively, although to me that never made sense given his spirit). The only criticism I have is not directed to him so much as it is to the choreography of his long program. His present long program seems to lack life. It seems to be "droopy", not a Hanyu program. However, perhaps he will find a way over the season to pick it up and give it some punch. (He got ever better at the Romeo and Juliet skate over the season last year.) As well, this present long program might be good for him in teaching him how to increase his stamina. But, yes, it really fails in being a good piece of choreography. Now, here is the thing: Even though we expect him to improve, he probably already is the best. Kudos to Orser, in inspiring Hanyu and working on places where he needed working. Sorry for doubting you. Kudos to Hanyu, for continuing to work really hard. As you become more technical, be careful not to lose your energetic enthusiastic spirit in the long program (which right now is kind of droopy). I don't think anyone can ever catch this kid in competition as long as he can keep his spirit.
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