I was super impressed by the Americans. Their TES were the highest; does this suggest V and T and P and T are in trouble? Well the americans have been pushing the envelope; they are still way behind in pcs and rightfully so (kind of like Surya Bonaly big tricks but not the best pairs and skating skills). I have one major criticism of V an T; I don't think they can compete with the Germans really well if they don't improve their tricks. They need to replace the throw triple sal for a triple lutz or flip at least. Likewise get bigger jumping combos otherwise they are placing catch up or having to rely on an error by the Germans. Getting beat by the Americans on TES should be a wake up call. Their programs are fine, but they could have better performance levels - they don't have the magic of G and G - they need to create a stronger mood to compete with S squared who are unique and very smooth. I know P and T really want that oly gold as they already have the silver. I know they can do it but this is rather sad you almost get a sense while the teams are good enough to win and gold like their compatriots teams are really hanging on for Oly gold - P and T as well the Germans and K and S want a medal. But there are only 3 medals and one gold. it is kind of exciting but sometimes it seems like there are some skaters are clinging on for that elusive Oly gold. I guess we could even say that mind you about relative newbies like Patrick Chan - he looks like due to timing and talent Hanyu has passed him