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What I like about Adelina is she combines big skating with beautiful skating. With this girl to paraphrase Dick Button a jump is a jump. But she also has for the most part really lovely line and she's developing into a nice performer...A lot of skaters have some if not the other. I mean Julia is a pretty skater but I wouldn't say her jumps fly like that. And Grace Gold has big jumps but she doesn't have that kind of line/extension...

i actually think gracie has very nice lines, and i see artistic growth from last year (which i appreciate--just like i appreciate yuzuru's improved posture--because, ms. gao, your posture still makes me want to scream after all these years).

i am sorry to say this (because i have great respect for TAT) but i only wish adelina had programs as nice as gracie's SP this year. but in terms of magnetism, the ability to instantly grab your attention and hold it, the hugeness of jumps, the pointed toes... adelina really has so many wonderful qualities--to me, this is a skater who like katarina witt can make audiences all over the world (maybe even skate-apathetic america) pay attention and swoon.