I saw the NBC broadcast of the men's fps. When Abbott was interviewed he didn't mention his pinched nerve problem which he tweeted about later, so I guess he didn't find out till later. Scott and Sandra were kind in their comments. It is a magical program for Jeremy. I like the work and creative bond he and Yuka have developed. But, Jeremy needs to find his mojo and get it working to perform clean, consistent programs to match his artistry. He could have wiped this field. Machida is talented, but come on, the 4th place Japanese guy taking bronze? And a Japanese men sweep at SA? Even Armin and Doug should have been able to challenge Machida here.

For those who saw the broadcast, what did you think about the Evan Lysacek feature? Scott and Sandra were being realistic about the difficulty Evan would face with the new technical challenges, particularly since he hasn't competed for a long time and may have trouble getting in a competition prior to Nats. But later in the broadcast, Evan was brought up again, just so Scott and Sandra could give him props because NBC likely feels Evan's a big draw and TPTB didn't want S and S casting too much doubt about Evan's
competitive chances in the new men's landscape.