Oh , schmaltz ! ... sorry ... I could do without the "second ending" for D/W . I've always disliked the highly choreographed entrances some pair and dance teams indulge in ( see Denney and Coughlin here , e.g. ) and I didn't think Zueva would resort to such an obvious hard sell on the supposed "new connection" . I'm thoroughly disappointed with this aspect of D/W's program. I agree with the open mouth business ... just too much of it .

Dang it ! There was nothing wrong with the way M & C carried off an emotional or romantic program to begin with ( see S&D ) .. I really never felt they were not connected in their skating .. and let's be frank ,it's time to stop using "connection" as a euphemism for romantic involvement. It's so artificial, it makes me sad.

Overall , though there are some choreographic elements in this program that I like very much , it doesn't move me like S&D did or sweep me up like DF.

This has me more nervous about the prospects for V/M's Carmen than the fact that C/L are doing Carmen too.