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    Bobrova-Soloviev FD

    There are many opinions about their new program, so discuss here!
    The first time I watched it, it looked weird.
    The second time, I liked it.
    The third, I LOVED it.
    Right now, it's my favourite FD this season so far!

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    I basically had the same reaction. I do think it needs some work, but it has such potential to be their breakout dance!

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    I think Zhulin coached them to masquerade their weaknesses as much as possible, and show off their strengths as much as possible in this program. I see a little blobs here and there in polka pattern, but in FD they were brilliant. Only if I/K had programs as good as theirs.

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    I love it! But i hate the music editing! Moricone and Puccini????!!!!
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    I came to Skate America preparing myself to hate it -- Tosca and death -- sounded OTT to me.

    I came away liking it a lot. Definitely dramatic, but not too OTT. What helps is that the costumes were quite simple, so I think think you could focus on the dance instead of how weird their outfits were.

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    Love it

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