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Thread: How do the top men rank now that the season's begun?

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    There are no pro comps anymore. I like all skating but prefer a Carolina over a great jumper like Yuna. I prefer lines, flow, musicality, good footwork, attractive spins over the same moves and same spins and frenetic programs. I prefer watching Chan do Elegy than see him skate and fall a lot. I think he's a beautiful blade to ice skater. I like Dai's elegance and skating full of subtle nuances. Surya and Irina were jumpers but I could barely watch them when younger. I think they must revise skating totally and IJS to favor sport to get an audience and to mass audience jumps in the mens are most exciting, but I'd rather watch paul Wylie from the past skate than current skaters who have programs that are about point getting. I will watch no matter what direction FS takes, as long as I have some access to it, but I will always prefer beauty over just jumps.

    I loved Stojko, but if I had to choose a skater to watch, it would be another Canadian. Kurt above all others, his past programs, Not to say Elvis wasn't exciting and masterful. I actual liked his martial arts programs as this was truly him at his best. When he tried to be an egyptian, it was dreadful. Awful choreo/costume etc. People need to find their own strength. Some are athletes, some are artists. I prefer mature artists, though we see few these days as skating has no pro future except for a handful of folks. I thinkj it is getting like gymnastics. We will be lucky to have a senior do one quadrennial.

    It remains to be seen in the comeback kids from Vancouver and Plushenko of several Olys will even get to Sochi. I always prefer the That's just me. Old fan, lol.
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