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Thread: CD and OD's

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    CD and OD's

    The CD's were skated yesterday, and B&A won it, with L&T a close second, and G&P in third. The dance was the Ravensburger. Personally I think L&T showed better extension and deeper edges and about equal speed to B&A. However, B&A skated slightly closer to each other.

    The saddest thing in the OD. L&T took a bad fall in the warmup. Naomi was injured and they withdrew from the competition.
    B&A skated their Jitterbug, Blues, Swing number very well with good speed and unison. I didn't see any mistakes. And their twizzles at the end of the S/L footwork went on forever. They won.

    G&P were second, but I thought they skated better at SA.
    They are just ahead of Galler Rabinowitz/Mitchell.

    A couple I had never seen Goodwin and Bommentre, were very good, skating with great EuroDrama. They had an amazing lift with 50 leven different positions. They skated to Stormy Monday, among other things, and I think are now in 5th.

    Moxley and Kirsanov are in 4th with hokey costumes with him in spangled motorcycle jacket with star on the back to Bye Bye Johnnie and only you. I liked them less than G&B (above).

    Another new couple I hadn't seem before are in 7th after CD. Manon and Omeara. She had a vile outfit with a yellow top with a large red fishbone down the front with an orange skirt. The skated to Ain't no Sunshine Since she's gone. They had very complex and interesting hand hold changes. And also good drama.

    I believe Gibbons and Pekarek are probably in 6th, but they skated last, were boring and we went out in the middle of it.
    I liked M&O much better.


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    Thanks for the reports!!! That is too bad about Naomi. I feel so bad for them!!

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