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If you wish and you are going, I can relate some interesting information that has come my way as far as being a fan at London.
I have stopped ranting on "the brand X" forum but would be glad to add you to the list of friends who are going and I can send out any info I find out.
Or I can just post it here. Also I would appreciate any info you folks have as far as being a fan there. A person who lives there would
be ideal.....
I am from London and going to the event, how can I help you enjoy your experience here?
I saw some of your messages about transportation and I can say if you are driving you can find parking you might need to walk a bit but it is doable.
Cabs will be waiting out front of the arena, we don't have cab stands, there are lots of other places to get bus tickets then just the mall. I have also heard that some of the hotels are offering shuttles to the event.