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Thread: Who is going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrufflet View Post
    I can't believe it's so close!
    My friend and I will be going Wed. to Fri. for pairs short, dance short and mens long.
    Wed. - pairs - sec. 311, row C, end seats
    Thurs. - dance short - sec. 312, rowE, end seats
    Fri. - mens free - sec. 111, row Q, 4 and 5
    Once I get seated, I won't be able to toodle around and meet anyone but I'd love it if some of you were to come and say hello if you're near enough (ilvskating, I think you are). I'm a middle-aged womanwith red glasses and a cane (or walker).
    Sorry if I have misinformed on the parking/ride passes. Check the other parking thread.
    And for diabetics, I always carry lifesavers and granola bars in my purse! Find me.
    yes, Wed. I'll be in 313 for pair short, will come by to say Hi for sure

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    Bus Route Information

    Do you know which bus will take me from White Oaks Mall to Budweiser Garden?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam18q View Post
    Do you know which bus will take me from White Oaks Mall to Budweiser Garden?

    Bus system, is pretty easy to use, your hotel should be able to point you in the right direction to get to the bus stop. Our bus pick up stops have blue markers, when going to the arena take the northbound, and home southbound. I am not sure how many people they hold but they are pretty big and some are the double length ones.

    If your hotel is on wellington rd south, I would suggest you cross the street and catch the bus at White Oaks Mall 13 picks up at the Mall, 4A and 26 walk all the way across the mall and parking lot to Jalna and there is a bus pick up for them. nice and easy there is a central pick up location for 13, you can pay in coin 2.75, or buy tickets in the mall or many locations once downtown near the arena. Ask your hotel to point you in the right direction, I would say 10min walk from the couple of hotels right across the street from the Mall.

    13 Wellington don't take 13A unless you want a bus ride thru the neighbourhoods, once on the 13 it's about a 25min bus ride, get off at either Wellington and King, stop just after the underpass(there is an bright green and blue sign in the median that says London) once off the bus, you want to walk west 3 blocks, about 5mins and you will be at Budweiser gardens. West on either King St or DundasSt will get you to the arena. To take the bus to the hotel walk back Wellington Rd, but don't cross the street.

    4A Oxford East, don't take the B it will take longer, once on the 4A Oxford it's about 25mins downtown thru the neighbourhoods, get off at Richmond and King(just after the underpass) or Richmond and Dundas main drop off, go west one block. To take the bus to the hotel walk east to Richmond Rd, either at King or Dundas.

    26 Jalna about 30mins, get off at Dundas and Richmond, main drop off location, walk one block west to the Arena. To take the bus to the hotel walk east to Richmond Rd and Dundas.

    For those at Wellington and Exeter you can take a bus too but the hours are limited contact LTC.

    You can call the LTC 519- 451-1347 or email for more information

    Your hotel will be able to help you,

    where the A marks the mall is the appr spot where to pick up the 13 Wellington, I was also told by the LTC that yes they are adding more buses to the Wellington Route.

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