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I watched all the top three and I have to say, Oda definitely got dumped on a bit too much here. He definitely deserved better +GOE on his elements (besides the 3A). I think he should have been in first. I like Javier's program, but he made too many little errors relative to Oda. And he is not 2 points better than Oda in PCS.

PChiddy's SP is actually quite lovely and I think it will be great when he gets the tech. But yeah 82 for that execution is a bit high.
Seriously, remember this is Patrick Chan you are talking about. It should just be notable and appreciated that Chan is not in first place -- he's won before with even more mistakes.

Oda is generally loved by the judges for his amazing jumping ability, but Oda (especially compared to his compatriots) is really nothing to write home about presentation-wise. His team has come up with good music and choreo for him, but Oda is NOT better than Chan PCS-wise, nor even Javi, IMHO.