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Hey people give Kaetlyn Osmond a chance....Because she is a new and upcoming skater and not as well know as Akiko Suzuki does not mean that she was GIVEN the scores that she received....That's why we have judges to judge the skaters. It seems that Suzuki is a favourite...I think that no matter who won today, some people would be crying foul. Congratulations to Kaetlyn and the way for her to prove herself is for her to knock the socks of the other skaters in the next competition. You go girl.
No actually, if Osmond had skated a clean program nobody would have been 'crying foul', considering that she had a good lead during the SP.
I'm sure you're happy about her, but this kind of overscoring doesn't help the sport and probably won't even help her in the long run. That PCS score for a free skate that besides being juniorish, wasn't even completely clean and that great on the technical side is totally unjustified. And I can't believe there's people that actually say otherwise.
That doesn't mean that it wasn't a great debut, and that she didn't deserve to be on the podium, but this is too much.