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Yes, she is. Osmond skates with more speed and ice coverage; has better posture, lines and extension. She also has better programs, choreogrpahy, musicality and maturity. Her jumps are also just as good. Those are what account for whether a skater is good or not, not how many medals one has. How many medals one has is not what's causing a skater to be good, it's the result of a skater being good. Not having as many medals doesn't necessarily mean you are any less of a skater. We all know winning medals takes a certain combination of skills, mental toughness, luck, and timing. And besides, even if Tuktamysheva WAS the better skater in the past, doesn't mean she still is NOW.
Osmond is not unique.Ordinary skater.Ordinary spins.Ordinary jumps. Maturity?We can argue about that - for me, she has a juniorish skating...Also she tends to fall in her programs, so they are not clean. How on Earth could anybody say that she is in 1 league with such talents as Gracie, Tuk and so on???? She is just lucky. That's all.