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Just who in the last few years could have gotten that 3rd spot back? We had our best chance in 2010 with Mira who was on a roll and Rachael who was know at the time as "Reliable" Rachael. Well we know what happened Rachael struggled in the LP and Mira basically choked. Mirai can't be counted on when the pressure is on and now she's having a hard time even rotating her jumps.
All we needed was a 9th place finish at last years worlds and that third spot was ours. Ksensia was 9th with a score of around 149.40 . Both Agnes (with not even a particular great skate) and Zhang were WELL of clear of that mark at Four Continents.

Similarly all we needed was an 8th place finish at worlds the year earlier that one with a mark of a 167 plus would have been harder.

In both cases a US citizen was there.

I won't get into 2009 worlds where yes I think Zhang and Flatt could have done it.

The problem is the US selection procedures. How ridiculous how crazy is it to insist that at the very least you MONITOR your skaters before worlds. Worlds is three months away and injuries things can happen. So how hard would it be to insist legally that people are named provisionally but have to show a form of readiness right before Worlds.

Rachael Flatt was badly injured and skating badly, if she had been made to show readiness do you think she'd have remained on the team? Alissa showed us right before Worlds and in practice that she could no longer land a single triple jump? Do you think its ridiculous to suggest maybe she didn't belong on said team anymore?

It was that selection procedure that has doomed us. Any other federation would have monitored their skaters and told them to stay home if they can no longer land a freaking triple jump.