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Competitions are not won on IF's. As you well know, they are won by what the skater puts out on the ice at the competition. What is the basis of thinking Gold will not continue her pattern at worlds? In her last two competitions she has had a poor showing in either the short or long program. So she really shows no consistent strength in either. Maybe, in future years that will change, but not this year imo. Right now Christiana is steadier and would increase our chances of getting 3 spots if Ashley does as hoped. Your statement is more supportive of my position than your own.
Gao's potential high score is probably at least 10-12 points lower then if Gracie skates clean. Plus Gao wasn't exactly impressive when she finished last at the GPF. Gao was pretty much forgettable until this year. If she can improve in one year so can Gracie. Nothing that Gao does really stands out she's not real fast nor are her jumps huge like Gracie's. She's Yuna lite.