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    Quote Originally Posted by ivy View Post
    There may be a home town advantage for Canadian skaters, and Skate Canada gets extra skaters as host picks, if I understand correctly. It's not super surprising that Canadians would do well. Like Russians at CoR, and Japanese at NHK

    To me, it's simple - Home town advantage which every host country has been enjoying and happily accepted by fans of every winner in everywhere around the world, not just in Canada. Lysacek got it in LA for 2009 worlds. Takahashi got it in Japan for WTT. Why is it different this time?

    I'm no Osmond fan before. I've never seen her skating until this time. She was good. I was surprised that Canada does have some high level ladies. I agree that she got a little bit high on PCS. But not much. It was an acceptable amount. Akiko lost badly in SP. She has certainly won the LP. It was right to place Osmond in the second place in LP.
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