I've sen it live and now second time on youtube.
The wow factor is there. Unique, interesting. Needs time to be understood by everyone, which is also a positive fact.
Some of the music cut is a bit March-like with a little bit too much drum in it to strenghten the unusalness. This is a brand new story of an "Addam-family-like vampire woman" who cares only herself and make the MAN the victim. That how it is in real life.
Did you ever think about the life ot the torreador AFTER he killed Carmen? Now, I think HERE it is ! A lots of transcendency included not "only prettyness".
It looks to me like the memories of the torreador waiting the execution in the jail.

The technical stumbles was very obvious one's by Tessa on the day, hurting te points but didn't distract the clever, unique concept.