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Maybe the SP will grown on me...I love the footwork section and the hydro-blade move. Maybe a stronger performance of it will change my mind.

I don't think not understanding the program was the reason she was underscored. On reputation alone her scores should have been higher, never mind the fact she put out a clean program and Kaetlyn had mistakes. That was purposeful lowballing IMO. I don't think it had anything to do with the program...they wanted Kaetlyn to win and to do so, Akiko got held back. Sad but true...
The reason I say that is that the comments among those who were at Skate Canada was that Kaetlyn had a bigger presence on the ice and I think a lot of that was driven by her outgoing personality skating to Carmen, which lends itself to some in-your-face type performing. I don't think it's a stretch to say that perhaps the judges were influenced in the same way.

So perhaps the reasons you list were the driving factor, but combine it with the fact that Akiko continues to be underscored and a reward toward over-performing mediocre-packaged programs (see Alena Leonova) and you got a perfect storm.