NJ is awful, and even the great lakes have high winds and 20 foot seas on a lake. The HMS Bounty of the movie and the first 'Pirate of Carib" movie went down in rough seas. The Captain is one of three missing. He is a seasoned veteran sailor who isjudged this storm like all who would not evacuate. The firefirgherrs enclave in a town in NewYork that lost 32 ffighters had 100 homes go up in flames last night. New York is on sea level on the edge of the ocean. Manhattan needs to undertand this will happen again as will Atlantic city. With global warming and its chaos it is not safe to live near the coast. As usual people are not getting what these storms mean for humanity on Earth.

I think we have a several memebers fron NJ and New York without power. Please plray for those waiting to be rescued esp in NJ. They did not evacuate-human nature I guess.