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    Most powerful federation?

    I assume the powerful skating feds are in no particular order, Russian Fed, Japanese Fed, Canadian Fed, USFSA, and now China. Who am I missing, and can someone rank the feds in terms of dollars spent last year, and who seems to weild the most power in judging. I am not sure if it was sour grapes but some in the thread on Skate Canada said the results show how corrupt they are. There are some spoilers here, so if you have somehow not looked at the winners and are Tivoing the comp to watch next week, then please stop reading here.

    Some used the results of Ladies to say the golden lady was outskated by the silver lady. I agreed on that, though it seemed close to me Also The mens. The controversy included booing in the Arena when Canadian guy who won silver was outskated technically by far by the bronze medalist who was very impressive. I am guessing it was the PCS scores and positive GOEs and TES scores but have read no protocols. At least he did not win over the guy who should have won gold, and did. I did not see all the FD's in ID but I felt the Italian team deserved gold, not the Canadian team. This was rep judging it seems, and home turf. The Oly golden dancers are not always the best team but they win. ID judging tho is beyond me, and I do not think they are obviously better than the two top American teams, the other Canadian team (weaver /poje are on par with them at their best). In SC, I wish the Italians had won. I think they were better. I am not sure what scoring was in the OD but the messed up lift from Voir was very bad and really affected the whole program and should have been marked harder down. But i know the least about ID. I wondered if Zueva has an advantage with judges over Igor at this point. I usually am ok with Voir winning, but I liked the Italians a lot, would have liked to see them win gold. Canada obviously has more clout than Italy. Tho with Carolina as WC they must be getting more respect.

    Without getting political about real politics, can someone in the know who reads about federations and their standing in the ISU rank them? I don't know if corrupt is the right word, but a couple, possible 3 judging decisons surprised me, where of course, Canada was the winner. Are these federations really as corrupt as some posters who fiollow this all the time say?

    And what results can you back up what you opine with? I see what I see and other than what I read here or on FSU, and one has to wade packed posts, I do not know what to think. IJS CoP was meant to stop all the cheating, and I see a big change (or did) in ice dance. I could not watch it in the 90's. ID and Pairs seemed reserved for Russian teams for so long, it could get frustrating. So I am happy with the CoP IJS change in Ice dance, and pairs is no longer owned by Russia since SLC debacle. But has the game remained the same with the powers having now shifted to Asia?

    I think we can discuss this with knowing that all peoples are good, equal and loving, while governing bodies, even in sport, sometimes misuse power...your thoughts?

    ETA I have constant problems with the software here repeating several words of my is not new and happens on both laptops I iown, so maybe I should ask what the issue is, do others have this repeating part of a sentence problem? IO catch it when i re-read the post as I have a hard time when the area is very small to review for really bad mistakes. I am not sure where to adress this, ie. which forum moderator? It is really annoying and I should have addressed it long ago rather than just fixing it if I see it. I can't be only one (I hope) with this tech. issue. Thankyou mods! Always something to keep you busy, eh? Sorry.
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