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I think the Russian federation is very powerful too. Remember, in the last couple years they've scored two major coups:

1) Getting 2011 Worlds in Moscow after the tsunami
2) Getting Plushenko reinstated to eligible status (would that have happened for any other skater, from any other country?)

The U.S. federation, meanwhile, seems quite weak, especially considering the general strength of our program. I'm guessing this is attributable to the sport's current lack of popularity in the U.S. Despite this, though, I feel like we should have more pull.
thats just based on the upcoming Worlds, Canada is heavily politicking even in the ladies, and this is because this will determine the number of spots for the Olypmpics
though Japan alone probably earns skaters the most bucks from FS popularity and Japan and its ice shows. that will change by next Season, Russia is still powerful as it will host the Olympics, even Piseev or was that Gorshkov that even in ice dancing they dont expect a podium by 2013 Worlds but by Olympics season, they will be fighting for a medal