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Canada and Orser made Yuna into WC and Oly C. She made the perfect move at the right time. Amazing the luck all the way/along with talent. So sad for Orser it ended so poorly. I'd love to see Javier be his second WC. Javi is wonderful and belongs on podium with the best in the world.
It would be more accurate to say that training in Canada and with Orser helped Yu-Na take the extra step she needed to win consistently at the senior level. I hate that so little credit is given to the people who worked with her earlier in her career.

As for Fernandez, he's a very good jumper (that 4S ) and has a lot of charm, but personally I find him overrated. I guess you can say that after years of being undermarked, he's due for a bit of overmarking - but I think it's interesting that people who are more than happy to criticize other (European) skaters are willing to ignore Javier's weaker skating skills, occasional sloppiness, unimaginative programs (Zorro and Chaplin, really? I did like last year's SP, though) and so-so spins. Orser does have him checking off many of the boxes needed to score well, so I'll grant him that. Leaving Morozov was the best thing he ever did.