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    Photos and Videos

    Photos Praktice Men, Pairs, Ice Dance
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    Here is a short news clip on Mao practice on Japanese TV: A bunch of J-press reported that Tatsuki landed some good quads, which is a good odd since he is not so much of a quadist (did he ever land a successful one in ISU events?), Dai landed quad with mistakes but said he will be fine tomorrow, did a bunch of 3A including in combo 3A-3T-2Loop. Among other guys Song and Joubert landed quads, Jou in combo 4T-2T. Jou, Song and Machida also did solid combos 3A-3T. Mao did triples, combos 3-2 only or 3F-2Lo-2Lo and 2A-3T, singled her axel (planned 3A I assumed) a few times. Julia did what she wanted to do: her tirples, 3L-3T, 2A-3T-2T, other combos.

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    More news clips of Dai and Mao practice. Dai's skating looks very smooth and light, quad is not solid yet: People there reported that Julia landed all her triples and combos, never fell.

    Here is Natalie and Fabian are showing the rink to the camera, but you can't really see the practice of dancers:

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