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Julia has gold if she shows the same consistency. I expected either Nagasu or Korpi to get silver, followed by Mao for bronze.
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Julia is a brilliant skater - my prediction is that she'll get the gold here.
2 - Kiira
3 - Mao
While I see predicting Julia for gold, I have to admit I'm pretty puzzled by people predicting Kiira over Mao.
Mao is not an early season skater and has been struggling this last two seasons - but getting beaten by Kiira? Kiira is nice and everything, but she usually bombs the FS, and she did so at Finlandia too. With nicely inflated scores she got 181, but just 111 points in the FS (at euros last year it were only 166 and 105 in the FS) - Maos FS at JO tops that easily (and pretty much all her competitions last year except for worlds). Despite two underrotated jumps, egde call + invalid spin. I'm not saying this result is impossible, but I am a little puzzled here. Of course given that I love Mao and want her to get back to her old form

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Mao is a wild card; I am losing faith in her - too many bad skates and still no decision - go for the triple axel or all the other jumps???? Make a decision and go with it Mao. Its now Mao or you better watch out for Gao
What kind of decision? Mao is still practicing the 3A - she probably just wants to wait to put it back in her new programms. And she wants to do all the triples. What decision is she not making? Her practices at worlds included the 3A and all the other jumps if I remember correctly - and it would make sense. It'd give her the possibilty to skate a 8-triple FS, which would put her over the rest of the field "only" able to pack 7 triples into their programms. Mao is stubborn, I doubt she'll let go of the 3A.