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Thread: Ladies Entries Cup of China 2012

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    No question the Russian ladies have disappointed in SA and SC and presure on Julia is big!

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    A lot of my fave skaters are at this event - especially one in particular! GO MIRAI!! I'm still keeping the faith!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverFish
    Hence my usage of the phrase "up-and-coming." I was aware that she was older than Mao. As for Mirai, she is gaining ground much faster than Mao is--you hardly hear her name mentioned anymore, and as sad as it is, it won't change unless she steps up to the plate.

    Reality check:
    Mirai's best performances were the SP at worlds 2010 and the FS at 4CC 2011. She gained 129 points back there - this last season, she never managed to get more than 112. She didn't even make the world team and Maos pretty bad showing at worlds beats 2 out of 4 from Mirais competitions that season point-wise (one of Mirais better ones being at Nationals at that).
    Kiiras best effort was back in 2006, that's 6 years ago...

    That's gaining ground or being up and coming? I don't want to belittle Kiira or Mirai or make it sound like the talent wasn't there, which it is, but... lol.

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    Looks like I have precision, but not accuracy. Three for three is pretty good, IMO, even though they didn't end up in the exact spots I predicted. Ice is slippery.

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