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Glad he took a broader look at things rather than use the piece as an opportunity to pick on Rachael some more. It was a pleasant surprise. He does have a decent analysis over who can be the No. 2 lady in 2014. (I guess he's assuming that we won't gain the third spot for now...)
This wasn't very nice: "One can only hope Flatt, a Stanford sophomore, will stop for good rather than risk long-term physical damage in an ill-advised attempt to try for a second Olympics." One thing about Flatt I have to admire is that she really did overachieve. At hear peak she delivered so many clean performances that she didn't leave the judges many opportunities to deduct points. The other skaters can learn a lot from her as far as handling pressure and delivering clean skates, so I hope she remains involved in skating somehow.

I also disagree with Hersh that Mirai isn't in the mix for spot #2. There is so little depth behind Ashley that it wouldn't surprise me at all if someone relatively unknown like Angela were to grab that spot. Mirai is definitely in the picture.