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Thread: Relearning jumps; halves before wholes

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    Relearning jumps; halves before wholes

    I learned to do my full loops, flips, and lutzes without ever doing the half jump versions of them during the process (started doing them later). Now I'm trying to make myself re-learn stuff (a few decades later) and I don't know how I managed to just immediately do whole jumps. For the loop it's a matter of getting up in the air. For the flip it's a matter of being chicken. I'm not planning on working on lutzes any time soon (if ever - I hated those things).

    I especially question the usefulness of learning a half loop as a prerequisite to learning a full loop, because of the weight shift, and in fact think that doing them is making it harder for me to get back the regular loop jump. I go to try a full and am now in the habit of automatically letting my weight go over to the wrong side as if doing a half.

    (Note: I do not have a coach presently, because it hasn't been in the budget which is extremely tight; I'm trying to find a way to fit the expense in, but for now I'm totally on my own).
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